Aikido Union Germany

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Aikido Union Germany
Founded April 27, 2002
Place of foundation Northeim
president Klaus-Dieter Lassak
Association headquarters Frankfurt am Main

The Aikido-Union Deutschland ( AUD ) is a non-profit association for Aikidō in Germany based in Frankfurt am Main . The members are aikidō clubs, sports clubs with aikidō departments and aikidō national associations, all of which are also non-profit. The AUD is structured democratically; the function holders are volunteers. The AUD logo shows the Kanji for Aikidō, in the background a variation of the Kamon used by Aikidō founder Ueshiba Morihei .

The AUD was founded on April 27, 2002 by members of the German Aikido Association (DAB) in Northeim. This was preceded by disputes in the course of the generation change within the DAB. The founding of the AUD was initiated by Rolf Brand and Erhard Altenbrandt , to whom the founding of the DAB also went back.

The AUD belongs to a regional association in Baden-Württemberg. In the other federal states, the associations are directly affiliated with the AUD. The AUD does not belong to any association internationally.

The aikidō practiced in the AUD was technically shaped and didactically structured by Rolf Brand and Erhard Altenbrandt, who worked with Gerd Wischnewski (student of Ueshiba Morihei), Yves Cauhepe (student of Tōhei Kōichi ) and above all André Nocquet (student of Ueshiba Morihei and Tadashi Abe ) had learned Aikido. The AUD is one of the few aikidō organizations that has anchored kata with partners in the teaching system as introduced by Tadashi Abe.

Association organs

The organs of the association are the general assembly , the presidium and the technical commission. The general assembly is the supreme body of the AUD, consists of the delegates of the members and the members of the executive committee and usually meets every two years.

The Technical Commission (TK) consists of the eleven highest-ranking Aikido teachers in the association. If a teacher does not want to work in the TC, the next lower level is accepted instead. The TK is the body in the AUD responsible for matters relating to the Aikido technique within the association (e.g. examination regulations).


In the AUD, the Kyū grades are allowed to wear a white hakama . The degrees are differentiated by colored belts:

6. Kyu
5. Kyu
4. Kyu
3. Kyu
2. Kyu
1. Kyu

Yudansha (1st to 5th Dan) wear a black belt and a black hakama. Kodansha (from 6th Dan) can wear a red and white striped belt with the black Hakama.

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