Al Capone returns

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German title Al Capone returns
Original title The Scarface Mob
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1959
length 102 minutes
Director Phil Karlson
script Paul Monash
production Quinn Martin ,
Bert Granet
music Wilbur Hatch
camera Charles Straumer
cut Robert L. Swanson

Al Capone returns (Alternate title: The shame of Chicago ; Original title: The Scarface Mob ) is an American crime film from 1959. The film is not to be confused with the television series The Untouchables , which the original DVD titles The Untouchables : The Scarface Mob , also aired in 1959 and partly with the same cast of actors.


While gang boss Al Capone is serving a prison sentence for tax evasion, his organization is still active. Special agent Eliot Ness and his incorruptible allies work tirelessly to smash the criminal empire, while Capone's number two, Frank Nitti , runs the Chicago Outfit .


On April 20, 1959, the film produced by Desilu Productions was released in the United States and was nominated for the Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directing Achievement in Television.

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