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Alexander Jewsejewitsch Braunschtein frequently Alexander E. Braunstein quoted Russian Александр Евсеевич Браунштейн , English transcription Alexander Evseevich Braunstein , (born May 13 . Jul / 26. May  1902 greg. In Kharkiv ; † 1. July 1986 in Moscow ) was a Russian Biochemist.

Braunstein was the son of a professor of ophthalmology and studied medicine in Kharkiv until 1925. Then he went to the Institute of Biochemistry of the People's Commissariat for Health in Moscow, where he received his doctorate in 1928 (on the connection between glycolysis and phosphate metabolism in red blood cells) and Became senior assistant. In 1936 he completed his habilitation (Russian doctorate) and then headed the laboratory for nitrogen exchange of the All-Union Institute for Experimental Medicine (from 1945 in the Institute for Medicine and Biological Chemistry of the Academy of Medical Sciences in Moscow). From 1960 he was head of the laboratory for the basics of biocatalysis at the Institute for Molecular Biology of the Soviet Academy of Sciences in Moscow. There he was an employee of Vladimir Alexandrowitsch Engelhardt .

In 1937 he and Maria Kritzman ( Russian М. Г. Крицман ) discovered enzyme-catalyzed transamination in the body and its central role in nitrogen change and in the conversion of amino acids. In the 1950s he investigated the effects of vitamins ( pyridoxal in B6, with MM Schenjakynim). In the 1970s he determined the sequence and three-dimensional structure of transaminases (such as aspartate transaminase with Juri Anatoljewitsch Ovtschinnikow ).

He was a member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences (1964), a member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR (1945) and a hero of Socialist Labor (1972) and winner of the Stalin Prize (1941). In 1958 he was elected a member of the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina , and in 1961 he was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences . In 1974 he became an external member of the National Academy of Sciences .


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