Alexander William Campbell

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Alexander William Campbell

Alexander William Campbell (born June 4, 1828 in Nashville , Tennessee , † June 13, 1893 in Jackson , Tennessee) was a brigadier general of the Army of the Confederate States of America in the Civil War .


Campbell studied at West Tennessee College and Lebanon Law School . While serving as a lawyer, he became a partner of Howell Edmunds Jackson , a former Supreme Court judge .

After the outbreak of the Civil War, Alexander Campbell initially served as a common soldier, but was quickly promoted to major . A little later he became a colonel in the 33rd Tennessee Regiment. Severely wounded in the Battle of Shiloh , it took Campbell several months to recover. After re-entering the army, he served under General Leonidas Polk as adjutant and inspector general. In this capacity, Alexander William Campbell was taken prisoner at Lexington in July 1863 . After a prisoner exchange, Campbell served from February 18, 1865 as acting inspector general in the corps of Nathan Bedford Forrests . A few days later he was given command of a brigade of this army corps . His promotion was confirmed on March 1, 1865. He retained his command until the southern states surrendered.

Campbell returned to the legal profession. In addition, he was politically active and failed in 1880 as one of the candidates in the nomination for the gubernatorial elections in Tennessee for the Democrats .

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