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As early as the first half of the 11th century, the ancestors of the Counts of Ammensleben were wealthy in the area that was later to be occupied by the Counts of Northern Thuringia . Their ancestral castle was first in Grieben (Elbe) .

Tribe list

  1. Milo von Ammensleben; probably killed Count Brun I. von Braunschweig in his own house.
    1. Dietrich I. von Ammensleben ⚭ Dignamenta-Margareta (daughter of Count Konrad von Morsleben and Horneburg and Amulrada von Morsleben and von Meyendorf. One of her brothers, Swidger, was the later Pope Clement II (1046) and her uncle Walther ( Waltard ) became 1012 Archbishop of Magdeburg.)
      1. Amelrada (or Amulrada) von Ammensleben ⚭ 1.) Ekbert von Harbke and Meseberg , with whom she had four children ⚭ 2.) Dietrich II. († 1120). He was the son of a sister of the opposing king Hermann von Salm , came from Thuringia and was Count of Ammensleben from 1108; In 1120 they founded the Ammensleben monastery .
        1. Milo II. († 18 Feb 1126 in the Battle of Kulm ) Count of Ammensleben; Vogt of Hillersleben Monastery. ⚭ Liutburga von Eilsleben (daughter of Count Otto von Hillersleben and Aldesindis von Eilsdorf). He became Vogt and Count of Hillersleben through his wife . He took part in the campaign of King Lothar III in 1126. against the Bohemians as feudal man Albrecht the Bear , in the course of which he fell.
          1. Bia ⚭ Burchard II of Konradsburg and Valkenstein Falkenstein (Harzgrafen) (1054–1109); a son of Egeno I. von Konradsburg
          2. Hermann; Vogt or Count of Ammensleben
          3. Otto I. († 1152/54); Vogt von Hillersleben; after Hermann's death also Count of Ammensleben, 1135 Vogt of Ammensleben Monastery ⚭ Berta
            1. Berta von Ammensleben († after 1174) ⚭ 1.) Dietrich von Haldensleben or Wichmannsdorf ⚭ 2.) Count Berengar II. Von Lohra from Thuringia
              1. Otto II († 1208); with him the sex died out in the male line.
              2. Berta
              3. Liutgard
          4. Dietrich III. († 1154 in Rome) was canon in Magdeburg in 1128
        2. Oda ⚭ Gebhard II of Querfurt († 1126)
          1. Konrad von Querfurt ; from 1134 Archbishop of Magdeburg
          2. Burchard; Burgrave of Magdeburg
        3. Gisela ⚭ Walo II of Veckenstedt . Since he rejected her, he was stabbed to death by Werner II (a grandson of Adalgot von Veltheim ) at his wedding in 1126.
      2. Dedi ⚭ 1.) Bia von Harbke (daughter of Ekbert von Harbke and Amelrada von Ammensleben) ⚭ 2.) Dedo von Krosigk


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