Amur pike

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Amur pike
Amur pike (Esox reichertii)

Amur pike ( Esox reichertii )

Overcohort : Clupeocephala
Cohort : Euteleosteomorpha
Order : Pike-like (Esociformes)
Family : Esocidae
Genre : Pike ( Esox )
Type : Amur pike
Scientific name
Esox reichertii
Dybowski , 1869

The amur pike ( Esox reichertii ) is a predatory fish and belongs to the genus of pike ( Esox ). He lives in the Amur basin and on Sakhalin, as well as in Onon and Cherlen in Mongolia .


Like all pike species, the Amur pike has a relatively long head with a mouth similar to a duck's bill. Its caudal fin is split in a fork shape, adult fish can be up to 1.15 m long.


He prefers waters that offer him good hiding places, for example waters that are rich in aquatic plants . Armurheight is protected from catching from autumn to winter.

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