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Andreas Adam (* 1699 ; † May 15, 1746 in Dresden ) was a German architect of the Dresden Baroque . He was a land building clerk and master mason from the Electoral Saxony.


In 1724 he is mentioned in the files of the Dresden Oberbauamt. He was involved in the reconstruction of the castle in Moritzburg until 1733 under the chief architect Carl Friedrich Pöppelmann . In recognition of this, Pöppelmann helped him take up the post of land clerk in 1730 with an annual salary of 175 thalers. In the period from 1733 to 1734 he carried out the renovations on Grosse Meißner Strasse 15 on behalf of his master builder, which today is a building of the Hotel Bellevue and is still preserved. In the meantime he created bourgeois residential buildings in Dresden. In 1736, according to his own plans, he worked out a new administrator's house with a single-storey stable wing for Pillnitz Castle under the new master builder Johann Christoph Knöffel . In 1737 he built the new castle in Leuben near Oschatz . In  1740, at Königsstrasse 5 in Dresden Neustadt, he built a house that survived the bombing of Dresden during World War II . Next to the Neustadt town hall , the Goldene Sonne house was built on the corner of Rähnitzgasse . He also made plans for buildings and churches in Poland . In 1743 he made the plans for sacred buildings in Saxony, for example for Johnsbach near Dippoldiswalde , but this was given to the master carpenter Johann Andreas Hünigen . His last construction activity in Dresden was  the Stadtwaldschlösschen on Sophienstraße 1 , a five-story massive building with discreet facade decoration.

His son Samuel († 1787 in Dresden) learned the trade from his father and was his successor as a land clerk. He was also given the office of master hunting mason. After the Prussian bombing of Dresden during the Seven Years' War , he was involved in the restoration of the Hotel de Saxe and Palais Beichlingen buildings in 1764 .

Works (selection)

In Dresden he created the buildings:


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