Andreas Grünheide

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Care at the Bretschneider house (1635)

Andreas Grünheide (* 1613 in Grünwalde (later in the Prussian Eylau district ); † in the 17th century ) was a German servant in the Duchy of Prussia . On July 9, 1635, he survived the world's first opening of the stomach in Königsberg .

Prussian knife eater

To vomit , he put the handle of his knife down his throat on May 29, 1635. When he suddenly swallowed it, Georg von der Groeben and Martin Hadtlein , the mayor of Landsberg (East Prussia) , sent the 22-year-old man to Königsberg . With the approval of the medical faculty of the Albertus University in Königsberg , the knife was removed from the waited stomach by the surgeon Daniel Schwabe in a private house. Corroded , jagged and dull, Grünheide immediately recognized it: "This is my knife!"

Less than two weeks later he returned to his farm. Since he could no longer do heavy farm work, he had to buy himself out of his master at great cost . After getting married in 1641, he moved to Landsberg . Until the publication of Beckher's report in 1643 Grünheide was doing well.


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Individual evidence

  1. Georg von der Groeben († September 7, 1648) was lord of Weskeim, Weisschnurren and Schönwiese and lord of the upper box in Natangen . By Simon Dach a lament comes to his widow.
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