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Andrei Chardin, 1890

Andrei Nikolajewitsch Chardin ( Russian Андрей Николаевич Хардин , scientific transliteration Andrej Nikolaevič Chardin ; * September 2 jul. / September 14,  1842 greg. In Sokolowo near Samara; † January 24 jul. / February 6,  1910 greg. In Samara ) was a Russian chess player and lawyer.


Chardin was born on his father's estate. He studied law in Kazan . In the 1870s he first appeared as a chess player in Saint Petersburg : in individual games he won against leading Russian players, including Simon Alapin , Mikhail Chigorin and others. In 1878 he moved to Samara , where he quickly made a name for himself as a lawyer and representative of public life. At the age of 28 he was elected chairman of the Samara Governorate Council, but lost this office shortly afterwards.

In 1891 he won a match against Rafail Falk in Samara 5-2. Chardin defeated Emanuel Schiffers in two correspondence games , but he was defeated by the master in a competition on the board (in Samara 1895) with 2: 7 (+1 = 2 −6). In the following Chardin largely withdrew from chess and only occasionally played easy games. Although Chardin played mostly long-distance games in his chess career, Chigorin considered him one of the best players in Russia.

Chardin's opponents in long-distance games included Russian personalities such as the mathematician Andrei Markow or the later founder of the Soviet Union , the young Vladimir Ilyich Lenin , who was a frequent guest at Chardin's house as a chess opponent and law student from 1889 to 1890; from February to August 1893 Lenin worked as an assistant to Chardin. Lenin's brother Dmitri Ulyanov mentions a tournament of about ten players in Samara for 1889/90, which Lenin won before Chardin, with Chardin being the only player to have the first category and having to give everyone else a handicap . Lenin had the second category, Chardin came second.


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