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Andrei A. Markow

Andrei Andrejewitsch Markow ( Russian Андрей Андреевич Марков , scientific transliteration Andrej Andreevič Markov , formerly also transcribed as Markoff; * June 2 July / June 14,  1856 greg. In Ryazan ; † July 20, 1922 in Petrograd ) was a Russian mathematician , who made significant contributions to probability theory and analysis .


Markov's grave in the Volkovo Cemetery in Saint Petersburg

Markov was born in Ryazan . He studied from 1874 to 1880 with Pafnuti Tschebyschow in Saint Petersburg . In 1885 he defended his habilitation thesis on some applications of algebraic continued fractions and in 1886 became an associate professor at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the Imperial University of Saint Petersburg . In the same year he became a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences .

His brother Wladimir Andrejewitsch Markow (1871-1897) was also a mathematician who died early of tuberculosis. An inequality is named after the brothers.

The crater of the moon Markov is named after him and the astrophysicist Alexander Wladimirowitsch Markow . In 2001 the asteroid (27514) Markov was named after him.

His son Andrei Andrejewitsch Markow (1903–1979) was also a mathematician.


Markov is best known for the theory of stochastic processes : in 1913 he calculated the sequences of letters in Russian literature to prove the need for independence for the law of large numbers . The calculations could also be interpreted as a statement about the well-formedness of the orthography of letter strings. A general statistical tool, the so-called stochastic Markov process , developed from this approach , from which future developments can be determined on the basis of current knowledge. Today z. B. an application of so-called Hidden Markov Models in handwriting and speech recognition software . According to Markow u. a. the Markov chains , the Markov inequalities and the Gauss-Markow theorem .

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