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Different fishing lines with hooks
Fishing line with float

The fishing line is a thin, tear-resistant line for attaching a fish hook when fishing .

Fishing lines for use on fishing rods are kept in larger lengths on a fishing reel , in the simplest case the line is attached directly to the rod and hardly longer than the rod itself.


In the past, fishing lines were often made of natural materials: silk , cotton , sinews, etc. These materials are, however, susceptible to rot and spoilage, so that today almost exclusively plastics are used.


A common distinction is the number of fibers.

Monofilament cords are single-thread and consist mainly of nylon . They are almost invisible in water, take up hardly any water in comparison to multi-fiber cords and cannot rot or rot under normal conditions. They are elastic, which has the advantage that reactions and movements of the caught fish are “cushioned”, but also the disadvantage that some fishermen lack direct contact with fishing gear and fish.

Braided cord is made up of a multitude of fibers that are intertwined with one another. The main materials here are Dyneema , Spectra , Kevlar . They are also rot-proof, but absorb enough water that they can freeze at low temperatures. This can be counteracted with an impregnation. They are not considered to be stretchy. The tensile strength is generally higher than that of monofilament cords of the same diameter.

There are also fly lines for fly fishing with artificial bait.

The range and execution of these cords is very large: They represent a separate and special genre.

All fishing lines can be colored differently according to the wishes of the fisherman and depending on the use in order to appear inconspicuous in the fishing area.

Synthetic fiber fishing lines are very smooth, which makes knots easy to loosen. Therefore, special fishing knots are required that add friction to keep the knots in place.

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