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The anime no Tomodachi e. V. (short: AnT, dt. "Friends of Anime") is the oldest national, still existing Manga and Anime association in Germany . It was founded on September 6, 1997 and currently has around 400 members. The AnT has been registered in the register of associations since 2005; the association is based in Hanover .

In its determination to make Japanese popular culture better known in Germany, the association publishes a fanzine , FUNime , and has been holding the anime convention Anime Marathon with a 48-hour non-stop program, which has been taking place every year at different locations since 1999 , which is primarily focused on the more mature fan audience.

In addition, the association operates a website with a weekly updated TV planner, online newsletter and further information on anime and manga publications in Germany and current events in this area.

Furthermore, the AnT supports the Aniki , a wiki on the topics of anime and manga .

Anime marathon

Originally the "Anime Marathon" was planned as the general meeting of Anime no Tomodachi. In the course of time, however, such an extensive supporting program developed that the marathon was separated from the main event.

The addition to the name “Marathon” comes from the fact that a continuous 24-hour video program is offered from Friday to Sunday.

So far the Anime Marathon has taken place in the following locations:

  • Anime Marathon 1999 (March 26th to 28th in Königs Wusterhausen )
  • Anime Marathon 2000 (April 14th to 16th in Neuss )
  • Anime Marathon 2001 (April 7th to 9th in Stuttgart )
  • Anime Marathon 2002 (April 22nd to 24th in Hamburg )
  • Anime Marathon 2003 (April 11th to 13th in Neuss)
  • Anime Marathon 2004 (April 2-4 in Brehna )
  • Anime Marathon 2005 (April 22nd to 24th in Goslar - Hahnenklee )
  • Anime Marathon 2006 (April 28th to 30th in Brehna)
  • Anime Marathon 2007 (April 27-29 in Erkner )
  • Anime Marathon 2008 (May 9th to 11th in Burgstädt )
  • Anime Marathon 2009 (April 17th to 19th in Königslutter am Elm )
  • Anime Marathon 2010 (April 23rd to 25th in Brehna)
  • Anime Marathon 2011 (April 15th to 17th in Bad Oldesloe )
  • Anime Marathon 2012 (April 20-22 in Königslutter )
  • Anime Marathon 2013 (April 26-28 in Burgstädt )
  • Anime Marathon 2014 (May 2nd to 4th in Königslutter)
  • Anime Marathon 2015 (May 1st to 3rd in Königslutter)
  • Anime Marathon 2016 (March 25th to 27th in Königslutter)
  • Anime Marathon 2017 (April 28th to 30th in Königslutter)

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