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The Annotated Bibliography of Political Science is a database in which until 2015/2016 new political science publications from German-speaking countries were continuously recorded. These include titles from the fields of governance studies , comparative government , international relations and the European Union, as well as the history of political theory and ideas and methodology . In addition to introductory texts, general textbooks and handbooks , selected interdisciplinary new publications, for example from the fields of sociology , history or law , economics and geosciences , are included. The titles are each provided with a short review . The Annotated Bibliography has been published since 1996. Until June 2010, it was part of the Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft (ZPol). Since then, it has been continued by the editorial team of the Political Science Portal .


In 1996, the political scientist Eberhard Schuett-Wetschky brought the Annotated Bibliography of Political Science into being as part of the Journal for Political Science. In 2007 the reviews were put online for the subscribers. The bibliography has been independent and freely accessible via the political science portal since 2010.

Relevance criteria, scope and annotation

The entire inventory of the Annotated Bibliography comprises around 40,000 titles. Around 2,000 new titles were recorded every year. The reviews were created in collaboration with more than 100 reviewers with various academic qualifications, including students. Political science monographs , compilations , commemorative publications and online dissertations as well as interdisciplinary publications with political science relevance are included. On the other hand, journal articles , individual contributions to collective works or lexicon articles are not recorded . The editors only recorded the bibliographical data from editions of files and documents , books whose first edition appeared before 1996 and which are being re-published unchanged, or books which are published with a new title but unchanged content.

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