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Anton Schneider

Anton Schneider (born February 23, 1931 in Istergiesel ; † July 7, 2015 in Neubünsch ) was a German building biologist and pioneer of the building biology movement, founder and head of the Institute for Building Biology + Sustainability IBN (until 2010) and professor of wood biology, wood physics, Materials testing, market research and building biology at the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences .


Anton Schneider was born on February 23, 1931 in Istergiesel / Fulda as the son of Maria and Amand Schneider on their parents' farm. After graduating from the Stein-Realgymnasium in Fulda, he studied wood and forestry in Hamburg . From 1960 to 1967 he was an assistant and doctoral student at Mantel at the University of Freiburg . In 1967 he became a professor at the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences, where he taught wood biology, wood physics, materials testing, market research and, for the first time worldwide, building biology . Parallel to his university work, he was head of the “Healthy Building + Living Working Group” from 1968 to 1976. In 1976, he founded the Institute for Building Biology (IB) in Rosenheim, and in 1983 the Institute for Building Biology + Ecology Neubänen IBN, forerunner of today's Institute for Building Biology + Sustainability IBN in Rosenheim (since 2014).

Schneider was a member of the advisory board of the company-critical network Coordination against BAYER Hazards (CBG) .


Anton Schneider is considered to be one of the most important pioneers in building biology. His special concern was healthy building, living and settlement, a holistic integration of human-nature architecture.

His research and his educational and public relations work in the form of lectures, seminars, conferences, specialist articles and books, the magazine Wohnung + Gesundheit (since 1979) and, above all, the distance learning course in building biology (since 1977 in Germany and abroad) were decisive foundations for the development of building biology. Numerous new buildings and renovations according to building biological criteria as well as eco-social joint projects have been created. In addition, many partner institutions at home and abroad were founded on this basis.

In 1980 Anton Schneider initiated the establishment of "Authorized Advice Centers of the Institute for Building Biology" with initially 11 trained building biologists. Today there are over 100 "Building Biology Advice Centers IBN" certified by the Institute for Building Biology + Sustainability in Germany and abroad.

Also in 1980, together with building biology companions, he published the “25 basic rules of building biology”, which is still widely recognized today as a basis for building biology advice, planning and execution.

His decades of work were also the basis for the development of many building biologically recommended building materials, components, construction methods and surface treatment agents on a plant or mineral basis as well as for the "Standard of Building Biological Measurement Technology" (SBM). This standard is the basis for building biological house, apartment, workplace and property examinations. Measured and assessed a. Air pollutants, indoor climate, fungi, bacteria, allergens, fields, waves and radiation.

In all of his work, Anton Schneider always attached great importance to observing scientific criteria and studies.


  • Editor of the magazine Wohnung + Gesundheit with numerous own specialist articles (1979 to 2010).
  • Building biology in question + answer (Neubänen, 1989)
  • The healthy work space (Neubeuert, 1989)
  • Surface treatment and care in the house (Neubeuert, 1992)
  • Radioactivity from building materials and buildings (Neubeuert, 1992)
  • Healthy heating (Neubeuer, 1995)
  • Introduction to building biology (Neubeuert, 1995)
  • The house - cause of allergic diseases (Neubeuert, 1996)
  • Indoor climate, thermal insulation, heat storage (Neubeuert, 1997)
  • Forest - Wood - People (Neubeuert, 1998)
  • Sustainable eco-social building and settlement forms (Neubeuert, 1998)

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