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Apollonia von Wiedebach, painting by
Lucas Cranach the Elder Ä.
Coat of arms of the Lords of Wiedebach from Saxony
Epitaph of Apollonias and Georgs von Wiedebach in the Leipzig Thomaskirche

Apollonia von Wiedebach (also: Appolonia ) (* 1470 in Freiberg ; †  January 21, 1526 in Leipzig ) was a Saxon noblewoman and founder.

Live and act

As the daughter of Freiberg's mayor Stefan Alnpeck , she was one of the most respected families in the mountain town from birth. She married the Leipzig councilor Jacob von Blasbalg , the founder of the financial treasury of the Duchy of Saxony . Blasbalg transferred the manor Loessnig to her for life in 1487 . There are three sons from this marriage.

After Blasbalg's death in 1490, the sovereign first entrusted the Schneeberg tithe clerk Caspar von Sals, and after his resignation in late 1490, the widowed Apollonia was responsible for the accounting of the duchy. This made her the first woman in Ernestine Saxony who was allowed to perform such a function.

Second husband Georg von Wiedebach

In 1491 she married the ducal bailiff and rent master Georg von Wiedebach, one of the wealthiest men in Saxony, who took over the ducal accounts at Easter 1491. Later Wiedebach was also the castle captain of the Pleißenburg in Leipzig. After Wiedebach's death in 1524, his fortune fell to Apollonia, who put it in a will for charitable purposes in foundations that were carried out until the beginning of the twentieth century. These affected hospitals, poor people and also the city of Leipzig for improving the streets. She also gave her money to finance a Lutheran preaching position at St. Thomas or St. Nikolai , as she was a follower and advocate of the Reformation , even though her husband was a Catholic civil servant.

The city of Leipzig honored its former citizen and generous benefactor in 1895 by naming Wiedebachstraße and Wiedebachplatz in the Connewitz district, which was incorporated in 1891 . Furthermore, a high school in Connewitz has been named after her since 2007.


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