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Apollonios of Rhodes, Argonautika in the Florence manuscript written in 1280, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Plut. 32,16, fol. 207v

Apollonios of Rhodes (also Apollonios Rhodios ; * 295 BC , † 215 BC ) was an ancient Greek poet and scholar.

Apollonios was probably born in Alexandria . His strong bond with the island of Rhodes is beyond doubt; he is said to have lived there and obtained citizenship of the city ​​of Rhodes . In Alexandria he may have been a pupil of Callimachus of Cyrene . Between 270 BC BC and 245 BC He headed the famous Alexandria library as the successor to Zenodotus of Ephesus .


His main works are the Argonautika , an epic version of the Argonauts saga in four books. The legend existed long before his time. Homer had already referred to individual incidents, so Apollonios could assume they were known. According to the legend, a group of Greek heroes, led by Jason , sailed with the ship Argo to the land of Colchis , presumably in what is now Georgia , to search for the Golden Fleece .

Editions and translations

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