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A camera of the model Hamaphot P56L from Apparatebau und Kamerafabrik
An apparatus for determining the mechanical heat equivalent according to Johann Puluj
Apparatus construction Magdeburg

Apparatus construction is a technical discipline related to machine , device and plant engineering , which deals with the design, construction , manufacture and commissioning of special technical apparatus . In engineering , on the one hand, one speaks of machine and plant construction and, on the other hand, of machine and apparatus construction, whereby apparatus construction is understood as a sub-discipline of plant construction.

In process engineering , the combination of container and apparatus construction is common, whereby special containers can be regarded as parts of process apparatus and systems . In addition to precise knowledge of the process that takes place within the apparatus, apparatus engineering particularly requires knowledge of design theory , technical mechanics (especially strength theory ), materials science , heat transfer and fluid mechanics .

In process engineering in particular, devices and their highly stressed components (such as pressure vessels ) are subject to increased safety requirements that must be taken into account in the construction of devices and systems. Therefore, in addition to apparatus construction, container construction has established itself as a further technical specialization . Like plant, apparatus, device or tool construction , this is often found in the designation or profile of companies that have specifically dedicated themselves to one of these technically demanding areas .

As in other professions, a specialization with a focus on apparatus engineering is also possible in the job description of the technical draftsman .

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