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The Ashanti live mainly in the Ashanti region named after them .
Sword masters of the Ashanti region showing a ceremonial sword to Afena

The Ashanti , also Asante , are one of the great ethnic groups in West Africa .

The Ashanti live in what is now Ghana . They speak Ashanti Twi, a dialect of the Twi language from the Akan language group . Before European colonialism , there was a large Ashanti kingdom from 1680 to 1900 . The prosperity of the Ashanti stemmed from the region's gold wealth and the slave trade .


The Ashanti Empire operated on a large scale in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Ashanti kidnapped people who lived in the surrounding states and sold them to Europeans.

Resistance to Europeans

The Ashanti were one of the few peoples in Africa who seriously resisted the European invaders. Within 70 years the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland waged four wars against the Ashanti (1826 to 1896), including one with cannons for the first time . In 1900 the Ashanti Empire was finally subject to the United Kingdom due to its technical inferiority (the British first used modern Maxim machine guns from Vickers ).


In 1994 they made the German YMCA Brotherhood Secretary Fritz Pawelzik a chief in the small town of Konongo as "Chief for the Development of Konongo".

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