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Atalay Filiz (born June 2, 1986 in Bandırma ) is an alleged Turkish multiple murderer. In 2013 he is said to have shot dead two people with a rifle in Ankara and stabbed a woman to death in Tuzla on May 27, 2016 . The search for him and his arrest dominated the headlines of the Turkish press for several weeks. He was arrested in Menderes in June 2016 .

Filiz's father is a former pilot in the Turkish Air Force . Filiz grew up in Istanbul and attended Galatasaray High School . In 2006 Filiz went to Paris to study . In 2011 he returned to Turkey without having finished his studies. He then lived in Ankara .

He told his family that he was doing his PhD in biology at the Middle East Technical University there . According to the daily Sabah , he spent the time reading crime novels and believed that they contained messages for him. This is how the plan came about to kill his two closest friends. Filiz got himself a rifle and on September 16, 2013 shot a couple of friends he already knew from Paris on the street and was identified as the perpetrator by surveillance cameras. Filiz then went into hiding, assuming a false identity called Furkan Altın and doing odd jobs to stay afloat.

In May 2016, Filiz stabbed a teacher, the wife of his boss, who had found him a place to stay. The connection between the two acts was possible through the fingerprints that Filiz had left on both crime scenes. This act in Tuzla and the connection to the double murder in 2013 in Ankara caused considerable media coverage. Pictures of Filiz appeared in numerous newspapers. In Fiiz's hometown of Bandırma, Filiz's false alarm was triggered after an alleged sighting. Further false alarms were triggered in Manisa, Eskişehir, Izmir, Adana, Burdur and Isparta, for example. In Izmir alone, 500 reports were received from the population by June 5. After the crime, Filiz hid in the forests around Izmir, but was caught after clues from the local population when he came into town to get food. He did not resist when he was captured. The police seized several false IDs and driver's licenses and credit cards issued to other people. At the first interrogation, Filiz confessed to the deeds. He explained that he partially fed on beetles and frogs so as not to starve.

The Turkish press described Filiz as a serial killer. Investigators did not share this classification. As part of the investigation, the parental interrogation protocols from 2013 were leaked to the press in 2016.

The press traced every single stage of Filiz's escape since the last crime. There was also speculation that Filiz must have killed his girlfriend. After the first few weeks in detention, there were also various reports that Filiz had been attacked and killed in prison.

Individual evidence

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