Audiovision (band)

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General information
Genre (s) Heavy metal , power metal
founding 2003
Founding members
Christian Liljegren
Current occupation
Christian Liljegren
Torbjörn Weinesjö
Simeon Liljegren
Thomas Weinesjö
Keyboard , vocals
Olov Andersson
former members
Lars Chriss
Andreas Lindahl
Mikael Höglund
Thomas Broman

Audiovision is a Swedish metal band that was formed in 2003.


Christian Liljegren , then known for his work with Narnia and Divinefire , founded Audiovision in 2003 as his solo project. The first album The Calling was released in Europe and Japan in 2004 and was produced by Lars Chriss (Lion's Share, Road to Ruin). The Calling's guest list featured prominent musicians such as Bruce Kulick ( Kiss , Grand Funk Railroad), Jeff Scott Soto (WET, Talisman, Yngwie Malmsteen , Journey ), Mic Michaeli ( Europe ), Tony Franklin (Blur Murder, Whitesnake ) and Mats Levén (Treat, At Vance , Krux, Yngwie Malmsteen).

In 2009 Liljegren decided to turn the previous pure studio band into a full-fledged band. In the same year the first shows were played in Norway and Germany, in Sonner Audiovision began with the album Focus , accompanied by producer Erik Mårtensson (WET, Eclipse).

In January 2010 Audiovision accompanied the Christian metal band Stryper on their European appearances on their 25th anniversary tour and played in Germany and Sweden.


  • 2005: The Calling (Rivel Records)
  • 2010: Focus (Ulterium Records)

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