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The Augsburger Stadtlexikon , also Stadtlexikon Augsburg , is a lexicon about the city of Augsburg . It was first published in print in 1985. The Augsburger Stadtlexikon has been available online for free since 2007 .


First edition

For the 2000th anniversary of the foundation of the city of Augsburg in 1985, it was decided to publish a city dictionary. For this purpose, the editors Wilhelm Liebhart and Josef Mančal developed an electronic sorting and processing program to lexically process and make available the literature and lemmas of the Augustana catalog.

The editors of the first edition are (in alphabetical order):

  • Wolfram Baer, ​​Director of the Augsburg City Archives
  • Josef Bellot, director of the State and City Library Augsburg a. D.
  • Tilman Falk, director of the municipal art collections in Augsburg
  • Rudolf Frankenberger, ltd. Library director of the Augsburg University Library
  • Hans Frei, home nurse of the Swabian district
  • Pankraz Fried , full professor for Bavarian regional history at the University of Augsburg
  • Wilhelm Liebhart (editor), library councilor at the Augsburg University Library
  • Josef Mančal (editor), research assistant at the Augsburg City Archives

The Rotary Club Augsburg and the city of Augsburg financially supported the completion of the concept, printing and publication. Under the title Augsburger Stadtlexikon: History, Society, Culture, Law, Economy , the 432-page book was published by Perlach Verlag Augsburg in the Joh. Walch printing company. 59 authors wrote about 2000 keyword articles.

The foreword was written and signed by the Augsburg mayor and cultural advisor Ludwig Kotter (CSU). In it, he referred to the Augsburg city lexicon as a compact lexicon that encompasses the history of deceased Augsburg personalities, companies and associations, as well as the meaning of some street names. Rudolf Frankenberger added in his foreword that the lexicon is a documentation on the past and present, on society, economy, law and culture of the city of Augsburg with the following focal points:

  • general political history of the city from the Roman to the post-war period
  • City topography
  • Church history
  • Company history
  • Club history
  • Family history
  • Foundation and welfare history
  • School history

The Augsburger Stadtlexikon was the time of publication "in the German urban landscape a rarity" and introduced a pioneering role for other city lexicons represent.

Second edition

In 1998 the same publisher published a completely revised and significantly expanded new edition under the title Augsburger Stadtlexikon , which was edited and published by Günther Grünsteudel , Günter Hägele and Rudolf Frankenberger. On 999 pages it contains around 3000 key word articles and 16 essayistically written overview articles.

The foreword was written and signed by the Mayor of Augsburg, Peter Menacher (CSU). In it he referred to the city lexicon as an informative manual that was completely revised and provided with plenty of illustrations. According to the foreword, this edition represents an outline of the general history of Augsburg, preceded by thematically various overview articles on general political history as well as economic and cultural history. The key words of the first edition have been revised and around 1000 key words from over 100 authors have been added. Mainly they provide information on cultural history, the history of the 19th and 20th centuries and the urban elites of the late Middle Ages and the early modern period, and sometimes publications of unpublished research results on the latter.

Online lexicon

When Perlach-Verlag had to file for bankruptcy in 2007, Wißner-Verlag acquired the copyrights to the lexicon. Since a publishing profit could no longer be achieved, the encyclopedia was digitized on the Internet with the help of sponsors and was thus one of the first city encyclopedias that was freely available on the Internet. Today's online edition is constantly being expanded and updated. It offers full-text search options, can also be searched for authors and contains tables and references.


The online lexicon is funded by the Kurt and Felicitas Viermetz Foundation and the Augsburger Wissenschaftsförderung Foundation . We have been looking for further sponsors for a software update since September 2014. The free web content management system TYPO3 is currently in use.


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