August Fuchs (philologist)

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August Fuchs

August Fuchs (born June 20, 1818 in Dessau , † June 8, 1847 ibid) was a German classical scholar, scholar and author of scientific works.

Live and act

From 1836 to 1839 Fuchs studied classical philology at the University of Leipzig under Gottfried Hermann and at the Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Berlin under August Boeckh and Karl Lachmann . In addition, he was self-taught in Romance languages ​​- fundamentally influenced by Friedrich Christian Diez , the founder of academic Romance studies . Fuchs tried to reconcile old and new philology: Classical philology prevailed at universities, and classical philologists despised new philology. Fuchs founded the thesis that the Romance languages ​​are "adult" Latin languages ​​(evolution thesis [vs. corruption thesis]) and that for this reason the new philology is on a par with classical philology.

From 1839 onwards, Fuchs, now a "candidate for philology", worked as a substitute teacher in Dessau without ever having received a permanent position. As a creative spirit he produced a whole series of different scientific works, and his work on Romance dialectology was also noted by Friedrich Diez, who used these results in the second edition of his "Grammar of Romance Languages".

Works (selection)

  • Spanish language textbook . Serig Publishing House, Leipzig 1837.
  • Questiones de Libris Xenophonteis de Republica Lacedaemoniorum et de Republica Atheniensium . Serig Publishing House, Leipzig 1839.
  • About the so-called irregular verbs in the Romance languages. Along with hints about the most important Romanesque dialects . Asher Publishing House, Berlin 1840.
  • On the history and assessment of foreign words in German , Verlag Aue, Dessau 1842.
  • Deßau, Wörlitz and Oranienbaum . Verlag Klettmann, Wörlitz 1985 (reprint of the Deßau 1843 edition).
  • Signpost through Deßau and the surrounding area as well as the ducal garden of Wörlitz . Verlag C. Schwetschke, Deßau 1843.
    • Via Coswig to Wörlitz and Dessau . In: Signpost through Deßau and the surrounding area as well as the ducal garden of Wörlitz . Dessau after 1873.
  • Outline of the history of the writing of the Greeks and Romans and of the Romanic and Germanic peoples . C. Schwetscke Publishing House, Halle 1846.
  • A short outline of the history of the writing of the Greeks and Romans and of the Roman and Germanic peoples . In: Outline of the history of the literature of the Greeks and Romans and the Romanic and Germanic peoples . Hall 1846.
  • The Romance languages ​​in their relationship to Latin . Halle 1849 (together with LG Blanc).
  • Bernhard Heese (arrangement): Signposts through Dessau and the surrounding area as well as the ducal garden of Wörlitz . 7th edition. Dessau 1908.
  • Bernhard Heese (edit.): The city of Dessau and its surroundings (new series by A. Fuchs Wegweiser), 8th edition. Dessau 1926.


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