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Coordinates: 50 ° 23 ′ 3.3 "  N , 8 ° 3 ′ 30.6"  E

Aerial view from the northwest
Execution hall
Administration building

The Limburg repair shop was a railway repair shop in Limburg an der Lahn .

Geographical location

The repair shop was located north of the track field of the Limburg (Lahn) station and west of the reception building and the station forecourt on the northern side of the main line. The area is almost 13 hectares .


The following structures belonged to the repair shop:

  • the apprentice workshop,
  • two administration buildings,
  • an electrical workshop,
  • The hall 2 (around 1900), hall 1 for car repairs was the heart of the repair shop. She was 207 × 89 m tall. Immediately to the north, they were followed by the smaller execution hall 3. Originally built in 1895 and 1907 as a boiler shop, it housed a crane system from 1912 inside,
  • The boiler house is located in the corner between hall 1 and 3. Equipped with three boilers fed by water , it was used to heat the buildings and preheat the passenger trains ,
  • the forge from 1901,
  • a memorial to the fallen of the First and Second World Wars .


Central workshop before 1880

In 1862 the repair shop was built as the "Limburger Centralwerkstätte" of the Nassau State Railways under the direction of Privy Councilor Hendel and chief engineer Moritz Hilf . From 1864 it was part of the Ducal Nassau (after the war of 1866 : Prussian) Railway Directorate in Wiesbaden, after its dissolution in 1880 it was subordinate to the Railway Directorate Frankfurt / Main . In 1924 she came into the administration of the Reich Railway Directorate in Kassel . The steadily increasing operation led to three major expansions of the plant: 1876–1879, 1895–1905 and 1925–1930. The sugar-hat-shaped pointed bunker for air raid protection dates from 1941. It was built for the employees of the plant over a bed of iron filings to dampen vibrations. Inside you can still find some of the original wooden benches on which those seeking protection sat during the attacks.

During the Second World War, 85% of the repair shop was destroyed in air raids and then rebuilt in architecturally simplified forms.

On December 31, 2002, Deutsche Bahn shut down the repair shop. The remaining buildings of the complex are today protected as a whole and mainly as individual cultural monuments according to the Hessian Monument Protection Act .

Successor use

Most of the facility was converted into the WERKStadt Limburg shopping center , which opened on August 26, 2009. It's about 26,000 square feet. The industrial architecture of the late 19th century was renovated in accordance with the preservation of historical monuments and adapted to the contemporary requirements of the new users. The structure and construction of the Wilhelminian industrial hall is related to the historical market halls. The mix of uses implemented here opens up the facility to urban space: the covered passage makes the monument of Limburg's industrial history, which has been inaccessible for a long time, directly on the edge of the city center and at the Limburg (Lahn) train station, accessible to the public. Another construction phase followed in 2013 and 2015. The third construction phase includes the redesign of the neighboring post office courtyard, which is used for catering, and an underground car park that increases the number of parking spaces to around 900.

Until December 2014, the Vectus Verkehrsgesellschaft was based in an outbuilding of the WERKStadt Limburg . The registration office of the Hessian State Railway (HLB) is now located there . A two-track hall is used for the maintenance and care of their locomotives. The electrified sidings are used by Deutsche Bahn (DB). All non-electrified sidings are used by both DB and HLB.


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