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Pronunciation (also phonation ) is called the actual phonation of words in the spoken language in contrast to the written image. It is the subject of phonetics . The writing systems of different languages have different strengths in the debate oriented (or loud writing aligned), such as Finnish stronger than German , German stronger than English . However, none of the historically evolved orthographies is consistently phonetically. The International Phonetic Alphabet can therefore be helpful for learning a foreign language .

Normalization of pronunciation

In most languages, the official pronunciation is standardized for information broadcasts on radio and television, for example . Normalization or regulation of pronunciation analogous to the rules of spelling is also called orthoepie . The everyday language (s) and the regional dialects deviate to varying degrees from the orthoepic norms. In everyday news, this means that almost every editorial team develops its own pronunciation variants for names .

Pronunciation of German

An officially established pronunciation standard, corresponding to the spelling standard, does not exist for German. For a long time, the so-called stage pronunciation of Theodor Siebs with a very clear articulation was the norm . Over time, because of its wider impact, it has been replaced by pronunciation in the radio media, which is known as the standard wording .

The broadcasters of the ARD, however, have the ARD pronunciation database (operated and maintained by Hessischer Rundfunk ), a community facility with which (ARD-internal) pronunciation recommendations can be called up.

Pronunciation dictionaries , such as Duden for German , serve as reference works in which one can learn the pronunciation of words . Pronunciation dictionary .

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