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The orthoepy also Orthoepik , (of Alt Gr. Orthoépeia : from ὀρθός ORTHOS , ( ',' right ', + to) right epeĩn , say') is the orthography analog teaching or regulation of the normalized Standardlautung a default language , free of regional influences ( standard pronunciation ). The German word for this is orthography , a parallel formation to orthography for orthography, since at the end of the 19th century the “closer” jurisprudence was already established as German for jurisprudence. The half-prefix right indicates (for both terms) that the language is not a descriptive, but a prescriptive one.

German language

For the orthophy of the German language , the textbook on stage pronunciation German pronunciation by the North German Theodor Siebs has been authoritative since the end of the 19th century . This prescribed a " High German sound level with mainly Low German sound values". However, “the Siebs” never had such a large influence in orthoepy as “the Duden ” in German orthography.

Today's orthoepie of German is no longer based on the stage pronunciation, but mainly on the pronunciation of news anchors, although there are regional peculiarities in Germany ( Teutonism ), Austria ( Austriazism ) and German-speaking Switzerland ( Helvetism ).


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