Bōsō Peninsula

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Bōsō Peninsula
Boso Peninsula Chiba Japan SRTM.jpg
Landsat image of the Bōsō Peninsula
Geographical location
Bōsō Peninsula (Japan)
Bōsō Peninsula
Coordinates 35 ° 20 '  N , 140 ° 9'  E Coordinates: 35 ° 20 '  N , 140 ° 9'  E
Waters 1 Pacific Ocean
Waters 2 Tokyo Bay
length 50 km
width 35 km

The Bōsō Peninsula ( Japanese 房 総 半島 , Bōsō-hantō ) is a peninsula in Chiba Prefecture on the Japanese island of Honshū . It forms the eastern side of Tokyo Bay and separates it from the Pacific .


The name and the Kanji spelling of the peninsula was put together from the earlier provinces of Japan , which were located here: Awa , also called shū ( 房 州 ), provided the first Kanji, Kazusa and Shimousa , both together after their predecessor province Fusa also shū ( 総 州 ) called the second.


Most of the peninsula consists of the Bōsō hill country ( 房 総 丘陵 , Bōsō-kyūryō ) whose highest elevation is the Atago-yama with 408.2 m. In the south this is characterized by faults and the elevation profile of the peninsula tends to decrease towards the north. In the east of the peninsula the Kujūkuri Plain ( 九 十九 里 平野 , Kujūkuri-heiya ) extends along the Pacific coast and various estuarine plains in the west on the Bay of Tokyo. In a broader sense, the Bōsō peninsula also includes the Shimousa plateau ( 下 総 台地 , Shimousa-daichi ), which adjoins the hill country north to the Tone-gawa lowland valley, which is even further north .

The western coastal stretches from Kisarazu in the south to Chiba in the north have dense, urban structures, while the other coastal plains and the river valleys in the interior are mainly used for rice cultivation.

The Tōkyō-wan-Aqua-Line , a combination of bridge and tunnel over Tokyo Bay, connects Kisarazu and the city of Kawasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture .

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