Balearic sea

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Balearic Sea (Mediterranean)
Balearic sea
Balearic sea
The Balearic Sea between Balearic Islands and Spain

The Balearic Sea , also the Balearic Sea or Iberian Sea , is a section of the Mediterranean Sea between the Balearic Islands and the Spanish mainland.


Digital terrain model of the Balearic Basin, with the borders of the Balearic Sea

The name of the marine region comes from Roman geography, in Latin Mare Balearicum , or Mare Ibericum, Mare Hispanum , and means the sea behind which the province of Hispania was located, the term also encompassing the entire marine region off the Spanish coast and around the Balearic Islands Was seen.

The Balearic Sea was defined by the International Hydrographic Organization  (IHO) as an independent subdivision of the Mediterranean Sea.

According to this definition, the Balearic Islands belong completely to the marine region, as do the small archipelago of the Columbretes .


The main tributary of the sea is the Ebro .

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