Strait of Sicily

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Strait of Sicily
Tunisia - Sicily - South Italy.jpg
Connects waters Western Mediterranean
with water Eastern Mediterranean
Separates land mass Sicily
of land mass North africa
Geographical location 37 ° 12 '  N , 11 ° 12'  E Coordinates: 37 ° 12 '  N , 11 ° 12'  E
Map of Strait of Sicily
Smallest width 145 km
Coastal towns Marsala
Islands Pantelleria
Map of the Strait of Sicily
Map of the Strait of Sicily

The Strait of Sicily ( Italian Canale di Sicilia , French canal de Sicile or canal du cap Bon , sometimes also called Strait of Tunis ) is a strait or sea region (Sicilian Sea) of the Mediterranean , between Sicily and Tunisia . It connects the eastern and western Mediterranean. Here the Libyan Sea merges into the western basin of the Mediterranean ( Sardinian Sea ) and the Tyrrhenian Sea . In the narrower sense, only the strait between Cap Bon and Mazara del Vallo / Marsala itself, the road in the sense of the less common expression "Sicilian Sea" is seen in the east as far as Malta and the Pelagic Islands . At its narrowest point, the Strait of Sicily is about 145 km wide. The strait has a maximum depth of 316 m.

Ocean currents

As in the Strait of Gibraltar , the ocean current in the Strait of Sicily has a direction from west to east at the surface and from east to west at depth.


The island of Pantelleria , which belongs to Italy, is located near the narrowest point in the middle of the Strait of Sicily , with the Pelagic Islands and the Malta Archipelago to the southeast.

Submarine plate tectonics

In the Strait of Sicily, the African Plate meets the Eurasian Plate , which due to plate tectonics leads to submarine volcanism . Examples of this are the temporarily active underwater volcanoes Ferdinandea and Empedocles .

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