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Map of the Ligurian Sea

The Ligurian Sea is part of the Mediterranean Sea between the islands of Corsica and Elba in the south and the Riviera coast ( Liguria ) of northern Italy and Monaco in the north.

Genoa and La Spezia are the main ports on the Ligurian Sea, which merges into the Tyrrhenian Sea to the southeast . The Gulf of Genoa on the Italian coast occupies the northern part of the Ligurian Sea, which is 2,615 meters deep.

environmental Protection

Striped dolphin in the Ligurian Sea

To protect the numerous marine mammals , the Ligurian Sea was classified by Italy and France as a Specially Protected Area of ​​Mediterranean Importance (SPAMI) in 1999 . A whale sanctuary was established as part of this classification . This has an area of ​​around 84,000  square kilometers and is bordered by the Côte d'Azur , the regions of Liguria and Tuscany and the northernmost point of Sardinia .


The deepest part of the Ligurian Sea is in the Gulf of Genoa, which is part of the Ligurian Sea, about 2,615 meters below the water surface.


The Ligurian Sea is bounded in the north by the coast of the Riviera in Italy and Monaco . In the south, the island of Corsica, which belongs to France, limits the sea. The distance from Monaco to the northern tip of Corsica, the Cap Corse, is around 160 kilometers. The southeast border to the Tyrrhenian Sea is an imaginary line from Cap Corse (9 ° 23'E) to Tinetto (44 ° 01'N 9 ° 51'E), through the islands of Tino and Palmaria to the Saint Pietro point (44 ° 03′N 9 ° 50′E) on the Italian mainland coast.


The most important ports on the Ligurian Sea are Genoa and La Spezia.


The city of Rapallo is located on the coast of the Ligurian Sea . It was here that the Treaty of Rapallo between the German Reich and Soviet Russia was signed on April 16, 1922 . On the German side, the treaty was signed by German Foreign Minister Walther Rathenau , who a few months later was the victim of a politically motivated attack.

In addition, two important naval battles took place in the vicinity of the small rocky island of Meloria - a few kilometers from Livorno -: in 1241, the fleet of Emperor Frederick II defeated the fleet of Pisa and Genoa . The second battle was the largest naval battle of the Middle Ages and took place between Genoa and Pisa in 1284 and ended with a victory for the Genoese.

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Coordinates: 43 ° 29 ′ 54 ″  N , 9 ° 2 ′ 30 ″  E