Balzac (band)

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2005 in Heilbronn
2005 in Heilbronn
General information
Genre (s) Horror punk , hardcore punk
founding 1992
Founding members
Hirosuke Nishiyama
Current occupation
Hirosuke Nishiyama
Guitar , vocals
Atsushi Nakagawa
Bass , vocals
Akio Imai
Drums , digital effects, vocals
Takayuki Manabe

Balzac is a Japanese horror punk band founded in 1992 , which correctly describes its style of music as "Japan's premiere Devilrock".


The band was founded in 1992 in Osaka by Hirosuke Nishiyama, who is now the only member of the initial line-up . He had previously played in the band Astrozombies , which was heavily influenced by the Japanese band Gastunk . After a few years, Balzac was also able to increase its popularity outside of Japan and the reunited Misfits became aware of them. Since then, Balzac have received support from Jerry Only . Their records were released in the USA on the same record label that the Misfits are based on, and finally they also produced a split CD ( Day the Earth caught fire - Don't open till Doomsday / The Haunting ).

By 2003 Balzac had released five albums, two DVDs, several singles and videos. In addition to the main group, there are also two side projects called Zodiac and The Deranged Mad Zombies .

On their first European tour in 2004, Bela B. and Rodrigo González from the Doctors made it possible for them to appear as the opening act in the Tanzbrunnen in Cologne . On April 13, 2007 a split single was released in cooperation with Bela B., on the Balzac the Bela B. Songs Tag mit Schutzumschlag ( The Day With Dust Cover ) and Try it with me ( So Why Not Try Me Instead ) in English cover. In return, Bela B. covered the Balzac songs Tomorrow and Wall (including the Japanese lyrics).

In early 2008, their Complete Legacy Book came out in two different versions, with different bonus CDs and a listing of their releases, their collectible figures and a full history of the band.


Although Balzac see the Misfits as role models and they wouldn't exist without this band, they only play a few covers of the American band and have developed their own style, both in music and in clothing. Nevertheless, they occasionally borrow motifs from their role models, so the musicians appear in skeleton suits. Another influence is the band Samhain . Balzac unite different styles in their music, their first albums and demo recordings unite punk rock with typical J-rock melodies, on later works clear influences from the metal area are represented. Balzac vary even within an album with different styles, it is not uncommon that a punk song is followed by a metal-oriented song and the next already contains elements from noise or digital hardcore. The mini-album Paradox is a good example to determine influences from the noise and digital hardcore area on Balzac, next to hard played guitar riffs you will find electronic beats and electric drums, the voice has been distorted and alienated by effects.

Critics praise the stylistic diversity, they represent a surprise effect and provide variety for the listener.


In addition to limited CD and vinyl editions, numerous additional merchandising items such as action figures and comics for the band are available in Japan . It should also be mentioned that there are three fashion brands for which the band members themselves act as models and designers: Shocker , Culture and Dementia 13 . Clothing from the brands is worn by doctors ( shockers ) , for example .

The name of the Japanese Balzac fan club Fiendish Club is a reference to the Misfits fan club, the Fiend Club . There is also a paid fan club for fans outside of Japan called Fiendish Club International . In addition to a gift package for new registrations, members get access to an exclusive area of ​​the Internet shop "Shocker Worldwide".


Albums (selection)

  • 1995: The Last Men on Earth
  • 1997: Deep - Teenagers From Outer Space
  • 1998: 13 Stairway - The Children of the Night
  • 2000: Zennou-Naru Musuu-No Me Ha Shi Wo Yubi Sasu
  • 2002: Terrifying - Art of Dying! The Last Men on Earth II
  • 2003: Beyond the Darkness
  • 2004: Came Out of the Grave
  • 2005: Dark-Ism
  • 2005: Out Of The Grave And Into The Dark
  • 2006: Deep Blue: Chaos from Dark-Ism (double CD)
  • 2006: Zodiac - Beware on Halloween
  • 2007: Paranoid Dream of the Zodiac
  • 2008: Hatred: Destruction = Construction
  • 2009: Paradox
  • 2010: Judgment Day
  • 2013: blackout
  • 2015: Bloodsucker
  • 2019: Hybrid Black


  • 1993: Lord of the Light and Darkness
  • 1995: Atom Age Vampire in 308 (Agevin '08)
  • 1996: Isolation from No. 13
  • 1996: When the Fiendish Ghouls Night
  • 1998: Who Will Survive-Off the Wall (7 "split with The Hate Honey )
  • 1998: The 4 Brothers Meet Misery Skull
  • 1999: Oldevils Legend of Blood ( split CD with Sobut )
  • 1999: Isolation from No. 13
  • 1999: Into the Light of the 13 Dark Night
  • 1999: Neat Neat Neat / The End of Century
  • 2000: Hands of 9 Evils
  • 2001: Nowhere Number 13 / Tomorrow
  • 2001: Unvarnished Facts
  • 2001: Thirteen Ghost / Psycho in 308
  • 2001: The Silence of Crows / Vanishes in Oblivion
  • 2002: Don't Open til Doomsday (split CD with the Misfits )
  • 2002: Out of the Blue
  • 2003: Beware of Darkness
  • 2003: Out of the Blue (German single)
  • 2003: Out of the Light of the 13 Dark Night (Germany-exclusive)
  • 2003: Screwbiter (split CD with Cocobat)
  • 2004: Gimme Some Truth
  • 2004: Inside My Eyes (Europe)
  • 2005: Parade: Respective Tracks of Buck Tick ( tribute album )
  • 2005: The Curse of the Damned (tribute album)
  • 2005: DARK (CD / DVD)
  • 2007: The Count Vs. Horrorpunks (split single with Bela B. )
  • 2007: Swallow the Dark
  • 2008: Zombie A Go Go (split single with Rodrigo González )
  • 2009: Paradox


  • 1993: Curious Lore And Evil Legend
  • 1995: Lord Of The Light And Darkness (Bootleg)
  • 1995: Psycho In 308
  • 1998: This Is Video Devilock (video compilation)
  • 1998: Video Deep II
  • 2000: Taste Of Fear II
  • 2000: Nowhere Number 13
  • 2001: Evils Is As Evil Does
  • 2001: No Death Before The Human Race With Mental Faculties
  • 2001: 20010112
  • 2002: Terrifying Tour 2002
  • 2002: Terrifying II
  • 2002: 20020511 AX
  • 2002: TWIM-Age Vampires
  • 2002: The Legacy Of Terrifying # 1
  • 2002: The Legacy Of Terrifying # 2
  • 2003: Beware Of Darkness
  • 2003: America's Most Wanted
  • 2003: Friday The 13th Boxset
  • 2004: The Night The Fiendish Ghoul Came Out Of The Grave
  • 2004: Live At Shibuya O-East 2004/03/05
  • 2004: The Making Of Came Out Of The Grave


  • 2008: Complete Legacy Book (two versions available)

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