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The river system of the Bani

The river system of the Bani

location MaliMali Mali
River system Niger
Drain over Niger  → Atlantic
origin Confluence of the Baoulé and Bagoé rivers at
12 ° 36 ′ 20 ″  N , 6 ° 33 ′ 41 ″  W
Source height 285  m
muzzle At Mopti in Niger, coordinates: 14 ° 31 '10 "  N , 4 ° 11' 57"  W 14 ° 31 '10 "  N , 4 ° 11' 57"  W.
Mouth height 264  m
Height difference 21 m
Bottom slope 0.05 ‰
length 430 km
Catchment area 129,400 km²
Outflow at the Douna gauge (1134300)
A Eo : 101,600 km²
Location: 150 km above the mouth
MNQ 1922–1994
MQ 1922–1994
Mq 1922–1994
MHQ 1922–1994
HHQ (max. Month Ø)
0 l / s
22.8 m³ / s
513 m³ / s
5 l / (s km²)
1940 m³ / s
4090 m³ / s
Right tributaries Banifing
Big cities Mopti
Medium-sized cities Djenné
Residents in the catchment area 500,000
Satellite photo of the Bani

Satellite photo of the Bani

The Bani is a river in Mali .


It is a right tributary of the Niger with a length of 430 kilometers. It arises 100 kilometers east of Bamako as the confluence of the Baoulé and Bagoé rivers and flows into the Niger near the city of Mopti .

Water management

Every year the river floods an otherwise arid area in which 500,000 people live. It is planned to build the Talo Dam , a five meter high and 295 meter long dam wall near the city of San in the Ségou region , in order to be able to store the river water over the year. In the event of a flood, the wall would be flooded and water should be drained off in a controlled manner in the dry. Among the residents of Djenné living downstream, for example , the plan led to violent protests.


Already Herodotus mentions the Bani as "navigable river" to a Persian delegation had traveled in search of the gold country.


The flow rate of the river was measured over 72 years (1922–94) in Douna , a town in Mali, about 150 kilometers upstream from the confluence with the Niger. The mean annual flow rate observed in Douna during this period was 513 m³ / s.

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