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In Austria, a development plan regulates the type and manner of possible development of parceled land and the use of the areas that are to be kept free from development.

In Austria, a development plan is based on the land use plan and shall be issued as regulation of the community . This specifies how each piece of land in the building land and partially beyond it may be built on. In particular, the permissible construction methods, construction heights and construction lines as well as the course and width of the traffic areas are specified.

The regional planning in Austria is the exclusive competence of the countries . Each of the nine federal states therefore has its own spatial planning law for development planning, with in some cases very different regulatory content. In some federal states, for example, development plans are to be issued across the board for the entire building land, in others, however, as partial development plans, they are limited to areas that are particularly in need of regulation.

Other differences between the federal states concern the definition of terms such as border and alignment lines, building density and mass, as well as the number and definition of gradations (such as the basic and main level of development planning, building guidelines).

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