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Beethoven's Revenge - Bonn Sampler is a 1988 by Bönnsche Tön published Sampler , on which various punk bands from Bonn are represented.

History of origin

In 1987, several punks from Bonn, including members of various bands, founded the Bönnsche Tön label , whose first LP release was Beethoven's revenge . A total of eight bands from Bonn and the surrounding area are represented, including Molotow Soda , Geistige Verunigung , Rabatz , FFF and Die Bonner Hartchöre . The latter was a group of about thirty Bonn punks who appeared (with a changing line-up) with Molotow Soda as an accompanying band and who contributed the songs "Punx" and "Kaiserplatzlied" to the sampler. The comic artist Karsten Hotter, who is also represented on the record with his band Vendetta, was responsible for the cover artwork - a poop Ludwig van Beethoven . The back cover adorns a group photo taken in front of the Beethoven monument on Bonn's Münsterplatz .

“That's when I did the cover. [From] my band Vendetta there are three songs on it, all three of which are bad to the shame of others. ”(KARSTEN HOTTER, Punk in Bonn - The Film Vol. I , 2012)

Track list

  1. The Bonner Hartchöre - Kaiserplatzlied / Punx
  2. Vendetta - rush
  3. Vacation in a wheelchair - coup de grace
  4. Rabatz - arrest warrant
  5. FFF - too much
  6. Molotov Soda - Lolita Cellulite
  7. Mental Pollution - Black Block
  8. Holidays in a wheelchair - good German
  9. Vendetta - Den Of Assassins
  10. Molotov Soda - Cold Eyes
  11. FFF - Black Brains
  12. Incest - dirt eater
  13. Vendetta - Break
  14. Rabatz - uncivilization


A sequel to Beethoven's Vengeance was released in 2000 by Weird Science Records under the title “Beethoven's Alptraum - Bonn Sampler” . The sampler contains songs by Molotow Soda , 1982 , Popperklopper , Pissed But Sexy , The Puke and several other bands from the greater Bonn area. "Beethovens Fluch - Bonn Sampler 3" was released in 2015 by the Schurzen Records label. In addition to Molotow Soda , who are the only band represented on all three samplers, Popperklopper , 1982 , Mofabande , Rabatz and F * cking Angry Songs contributed.

As part of the Corona crisis, "Beethovens Virus - Bonn Sampler 3 1/3" was published as a CD and digital download in July 2020, with the proceeds going to the Bonn Café Black Veg .

useful information

  • Beethoven's Vengeance and Beethoven's Curse were enclosed in fanzine- style booklets that contained information about the bands represented.
  • Karsten Hotter from Vendetta also sang with the bands The Puke , Oddball's Band and Loonies .
  • FFF drummer Dominik Schetting (previously guitarist with Canal Terror ) joined The Puke as bassist in 1995 . Since 1998 he has also played bass with Molotow Soda , since 1999 drums, guitar and bass in 1982 , and since 2016 he has been working as guitarist with F * cking Angry - on the three samplers he is represented with a total of four different bands.
  • The debut LP by Molotow Soda ( No Dreams ) was originally also released by Bönnsche Tön in 1989, a second release was released in the same year on the Cologne label Day-Glo .

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