Molotov soda

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Molotov soda
General information
origin Bonn , Germany
Genre (s) German punk
founding 1986, 1998
resolution 1992
Founding members
"Tommy Molotow" (Thomas Koeppe)
Thomas "Tommes" Wichmann (until 1991, 1998–1999)
Heiner Olbrich (until 1987)
Volker "Vangus" Voigt
Current occupation
"Tommy Molotow" (Thomas Koeppe)
Dominik Schetting (since 1998)
Artur Hörtner (since 2004)
Volker "Vangus" Voigt
former members
Frank "KutA" Glienke (1987–1992)
"Dicki" Fliszar (1991–1992)
Wolfgang "Gonzo" Hinze (1992)
"Hille" Hillebrandt (1999-2001)

Molotow Soda is a German punk band from Bonn, founded in 1986 .


The band formed in 1986 around ex- Canal Terror member “Tommy” Koeppe initially only to record a contribution to the sampler Kulturschockattacke 2 .

In the following year they took part in the sampler Beethoven's Vengeance and released, with new bassist Frank “KutA” Glienke, their 89 LP debut No Dreams , which was even discussed in the BRAVO .

In August 1992 the band separated. A big farewell concert took place in Bonn's Biskuithalle, at which, in addition to Molotow Soda, the bands Slime , Hass , WIZO and Dirty Deeds '79 played. A recording of her performance was released the following year under the title Das Allerlesten live as LP and CD on the Cologne label Day-Glo .

In 1998 the reunification with Tommy, Dominik, Volker and Tommes took place. Tommes was soon replaced by Hille. More than 100 well-attended concerts in Germany and Switzerland followed . Molotow Soda decided to make sound recordings again, where their so far last LP / CD Eigenurin was created and released on Knock Out Records .

After a three-year break, Molotow Soda appeared live again from November 2004. Since the beginning of 2015 the band has been on hold again.


  • Molotov Soda is also a cocktail that was invented by the band. It is traditionally prepared in a 5-liter petrol can and served in such a can at some concerts for the last piece of the evening by the audience. It originally consisted of a bottle of blue curacao , egg liqueur and rum and was flavored with lemon concentrate. With the “Bremen Mixture” that is common today, approx. One liter of bitter lemon is used instead of the lemon concentrate .
  • Molotow Soda was also the backing band of the Bonner HardChöre , which were active from 1987 to 1990. Biggest hits: on Kaiserplatz at half past twelve and Punx .
  • The band members Tommy , Dominik and KutA played with the punk band Canal Terror in the early 1980s .
  • The guitarist Volker " Vangus " Voigt plays the lead guitar and "Kuta" the rhythm guitar in the Bonn AC / DC - Cover band Dirty Deeds '79 .
  • Other former projects of the band members: Zeltinger Band (Volker), "The Gee Strings" (Dominik), "The Puke" (Volker, Dominik), "Lunchbox" (Volker), "Black Sheriff" (Artur), "1982" ( Dominik), "Dumbell" (Artur, Volker), "FFF" (Dominik).
  • Tommy Molotow is co-producer of the horror film Thief - Someday You Will Pay (2017).


  • 1989: No Dreams (LP / CD)
  • 1991: The doomed greet you (LP / CD)
  • 1991: Shrill Night (7 ")
  • 1993: The Very Last (Live, LP / CD)
  • 1998: Cord sofa (7 "/ CD, Hulk Räckorz )
  • 2000: own urine (LP / CD)

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