District of Diessenhofen

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Map of the former Dissenhofen district

The Diessenhofen district was a district in the canton of Thurgau . The main town was Diessenhofen .

In the Helvetic Republic in 1798 Diessenhofen was a district of the Helvetic Republic belonging to the canton of Schaffhausen , in 1800 the district went over to the canton of Thurgau.

The Diessenhofen district was dissolved at the end of 2010 when the amendment to the Thurgau Law on Municipalities came into force .

The following communities belonged to the district until December 31, 2010:

coat of arms Name of the parish Residents
(December 31, 2010)
in km²
per km²
coat of arms
Basadingen-Schlattingen 1685 15.63 108
coat of arms
Diessenhofen 3350 10.08 332
coat of arms
Schlatt (TG) 1586 15.54 102
Total (3) 6621 41.25 161

The municipalities of the district have belonged to the Frauenfeld district since January 1, 2011 .

Changes in the community

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