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Bishop Allen
General information
Genre (s) Indie rock
founding 2003
Founding members
Justin Rice
Christian Rudder

Bishop Allen is an American indie rock band from Brooklyn , New York . Fixed band members are Justin Rice and Christian Rudder. The other line-up varies during performances and in the recording studio. Bishop Allen has released two albums and 12 EPs so far.

Band history

Rice and Rudder had been friends for a number of years when the band formed in 2003. The band's name comes from a street in Cambridge, Massachusetts , where the two shared an apartment after college . In addition to the music, the two have also appeared in a few films.

Charm School

Charm School was Bishop Allen's first album. Within two years, Bishop Allen recorded song after song on her own in her spare time. Apart from the drums, they played the instruments themselves.

The album was distributed in May 2003 under its own label Champagne School . It got positive reviews and a. from Rolling Stone .

The EP project

In 2006, Bishop Allen recorded an EP every month , each named after the month. The EPs each contained four new songs recorded in the studio with the exception of August, when a live album of 14 songs was released. The 12 EPs were self-distributed through the band's website.

The covers of the EPs were designed by Darbie Nowatka, who also lends her voice to some of the songs and often appears on stage with the band. Cully Symington joined the band on the September EP and became their permanent drummer.

The song History of Excuses from the March EP can be heard in an episode of the series Scrubs .

The Broken String

Although Bishop Allen was also successful on their own, in November 2006 they signed a recording deal with Dead Oceans , a sister label of Secretly Canadian and Jagjaguwar .

In January 2007, the two-month recordings for their new album began at Blackwatch Studios in Oklahoma . The Broken String is Bishop Allen's first studio album. It was released on July 24, 2007.


  • Charm School (2003)
  • 12 EPs (2006) (one EP every month)
  • The Broken String (2007)
  • Grrr ... (2009)
  • Lights Out (2014)


Founding members:

  • Justin Rice (vocals, keyboard)
  • Christian Rudder (guitar)

regular members:

  • Darbie Nowatka (singer in the EP project and in live performances afterwards)
  • Cully Symington (permanent drummer since September EP)

previously involved:

  • Bonnie Schiff-Glenn (background singer at Charm School)
  • Kate Dollenmayer (background singer at Charm School)
  • Coll Anderson (drums at Charm School)
  • Jack Delamitraux (Charm School tour and EP project)
  • Christian Owens (Charm School tour and EP project)
  • Jon Natchez (EP project)
  • Kelly Pratt (EP project)


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