Bonizeth of Isenburg

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Bonizeth von Isenburg († after 1472 ) was abbess in Freckenhorst Abbey .

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Bonizeth von Isenburg came from the noble family von Isenburg . Which of the widespread family branches it can be assigned to has not been proven. Before she came to Freckenhorst Monastery, she was a canon at Cologne Monastery . In 1456 she became the successor to Abbess Anna von Plesse , but was first attested in a document on February 27, 1459. Her term of office was overshadowed by a conflict with the convent , the prioress and the canons , which led to her being removed from office and Maria von Tecklenburg being postulated in her place . At their request, Bishop Heinrich III. to check the body which, because in their opinion they had been forced out of office, and she did not - as the opposition claimed - on their office waived . On April 18, 1474, the bishop announced the result of the committee's investigation: Bonizeth's accusations were baseless and unjustified. Her sister Agnes von Isenburg protested against this decision and on June 7, 1482 reached a settlement with the result that Maria von Tecklenburg had to make annual payments of 32 gold guilders and natural goods. This settlement was confirmed by the bishop on November 27, 1484. That was not the end of the matter, for Agnes had filed a complaint with the Curia . In this process, the Freckenhorst Abbey and Maria von Tecklenburg were given excommunication . Only after Pope Innocent VIII repealed this decision on April 19, 1485 and made the announcement by the cathedral dean Otto von Korff on June 17, 1485, the long dispute was finally settled.


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