Anna von Plesse

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Anna von Plesse († May 16, 1456 ) was abbess in Freckenhorst Abbey and Neuenheerse Abbey .


Anna von Plesse came from a dynasty family with its headquarters in the Leinetal north of Göttingen . Her parents were Count Gottschalk von Plesse († before 1439) and Elisabeth von Honstein . She had seven brothers; her sister Adelheid was married to Otto von Tecklenburg , whose daughter Maria was an abbess in Freckenhorst. Before Anna succeeded Anna von der Mark-Arenberg as abbess in Freckenhorst in 1433 , she had worked as abbess in the Neuenheerse Abbey from 1432. Numerous legal acts have been preserved from her term of office. On October 2, 1446, for example, she reached a settlement with the city of Warendorf, which regulated the encroachment on the monastery property. On September 29, 1454 she had a building erected in front of the north door of the collegiate church from her own resources. Anna was postulated as abbess in Gandersheim on November 12, 1452 , but did not accept this office. She remained abbess in Freckenhorst until her death. Her successor in office was Bonizeth von Isenburg .


In 1900 a stone slab with the Plessian coat of arms was found. It was possibly Anna's grave slab.


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