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Title page of the 75th volume (1883), still under the original title "Yearbooks of the Association of Friends of Antiquity in the Rhineland."

The Bonner Jahrbücher (BJb) are a scientific archaeological yearbook .

The yearbook is published by the Rhineland Regional Association , represented by the Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn and the LVR Office for Land Monument Preservation in the Rhineland , as well as the Association of Friends of Antiquity in the Rhineland . It has been published annually since 1842, making it one of the oldest periodicals of its kind. Due to the different ways of publication over time, more than 200 volumes have already been published. Up to the 95th volume (1894) the periodical appeared under the title Year Books of the Verein von Alterthumsfreunden im Rheinlande , from Volume 96 (1895) then under the title Bonner Jahrbücher . Volume 217 was last published in 2019, 2017.

The Bonn yearbooks publish essays on all areas of European archeology , on ancient history, reports on archaeological research in the Rhineland and on Rhenish art history, as well as the annual reports of the Rhenish Office for Land Monument Preservation. This is where the Rhenish Office for Archaeological Monument Preservation provides information on current excavation activities and their progress, as do all the institutions that publish their annual reports. The language of publication is generally German, but the three other common major scientific languages ​​English, French and Italian are also possible. The yearbooks were published by Rheinland-Verlag for a long time and were there in conjunction with the Butzon & Bercker and Böhlau-Verlag by Dr. Rudolf Habelt GmbH Bonn . The Bonn yearbooks are now published by Philipp von Zabern .

In addition, the supplements to the Bonner Jahrbucher appear at irregular intervals , which are reserved for monographs such as dissertations or commemorative publications . The main focus is on the archeology of the Rhineland and the Germanic provinces in general.

List of supplements to the Bonner Jahrbucher

  • 1: Erich Gose : Types of vessels in Roman ceramics in the Rhineland (1950)
  • 2: Kurt Tackenberg : Find maps on the prehistory of the Rhine Province (1954)
  • 3: A. Marschall, KJ Narr, Rafael von Uslar: The Prehistoric and Protohistoric Settlement of the Bergisches Land (1954)
  • 4: KJ Narr: The Rhenish Upper Palaeolithic (1955)
  • 5: Kurt Tackenberg (ed.): The Neanderthal man and his environment. Commemorative memorial to the discovery in 1856 (1956)
  • 6: A. Herrnbrodt: The Husterknupp. A castle complex on the Lower Rhine from the early Middle Ages (1958)
  • 7: GHR v. Koenigswald (Ed.): Hundred Years of Neanderthals. Commemorative Book (1958)
  • 8: Harald von Petrikovits : The Roman Rhineland. Archaeological research since 1945
  • 9: F. Kreusch: Observations on the western section of the Corvey Abbey Church (1963)
  • 10 / I: Rafael von Uslar , K. Narr (Hrsg.): Studies from Old Europe. Part I (1964)
  • 10 / II: Rafael von Uslar (Ed.): Studies from Old Europe. Part II
  • 11: Rafael von Uslar: Studies of early historical fortifications between the North Sea and the Alps (1964)
  • 12: Franz Rademacher : Christ enthroned in the choir screen by Gustorf. An Iconographic Examination (1964)
  • 13: W. Bremen: The old glass paintings and hollow glasses from the Bremen Collection in Krefeld (1964)
  • 14: A. von Domaszewski: The hierarchy of the Roman army. Reprint, with introduction, corrections and additions by B. Dobson (1967)
  • 15: E. Le Borgne, I. Scollar, JD Mudie, J. Görler, H.-J. Appel, G. Strung-Lichtenberg: Archaeo-Physika: Technical and scientific contributions to field archeology (1966)
  • 16: Michael Müller-Wille : Medieval castle mounds ("Motten") in the northern Rhineland (1966)
  • 17: E. Ploss: Siegfried-Sigurd, the dragon fighter. Investigations into the Germanic-German heroic saga (1966)
  • 18: R. Saxer: Epigraphic Studies 1: Investigations into the Vexillations of the Roman Imperial Army from Augustus to Diocletian (1967)
  • 19: Studies on the military borders of Rome. Lectures at the 6th International Limes Congress in Southern Germany (1967)
  • 20: JM Fritz: Engraved pictures. Engravings on late Gothic German goldsmiths' work (1966)
  • 21: H. Freis: Epigraphic Studies 2: Die cohortes urbanae (1967)
  • 22: Géza Alföldy : The legionary legates of the Roman armies of the Rhine (1967)
  • 23: Karl-Heinz Knörzer : Archaeo-Physika 2: Investigations of large subfossil plant remains in the Rhineland (1967)
  • 24: K. Waldmann: Archaeo-Physika 3: The bone finds from Colonia Ulpia Traiana, a Roman city near Xanten on the Lower Rhine (1967)
  • 25: Geza Alföldy, L. Balla, AR Birley, RW Davies, R. Noll, Harald von Petrikovits, JJ Wilkes: Epigraphic Studies 4: Anthology (1967)
  • 26: Leo Hugot: Rhenish excavations 2: Kornelimünster, study of the architectural development of the former Benedictine monastery church (1967)
  • 27: Château Gaillard. Studies on medieval defense construction and settlement research II. Colloquium Büderich near Düsseldorf, July 27-30, 1964 (1967)
  • 28: Various: Rhenish excavations 1: Contributions to the archeology of the Middle Ages (1968)
  • 29: H.-E. Joachim: Hunsrück-Eifel culture on the Middle Rhine (1968)
  • 30: CB Rüger: Germania Inferior. Investigations into the territorial and administrative history of Lower Germany in the Principate's time. (1968)
  • 41: Gerhard Bauchhenß , Peter Noelke : The Iupiter columns in the Germanic provinces. (1981), ISBN 3-7927-0502-8
  • 42: R. Ziegler: The treasure trove of Brauweiler. Investigations into coinage and money circulation in the Gallic Empire (1983)
  • 43: J. Andrikopoulou-Strack: grave structures from the 1st century AD in the Rhine area. Studies on chronology and typology (1986)
  • 44: Gerhard Bauchhenß, Günter Neumann (Ed.): Matronen and related gods (1987)
  • 45: Günther Schauerte: Terracottas of maternal deities. Molds and workshops of Rhenish and Gallic clay statuettes from the Roman Empire (1985)
  • 46: Anna-Barbara Follmann-Schulz: The Roman Glasses from Bonn (1988)
  • 47: Hans-Ulrich Cain et al. a. (Ed.): Festschrift for Nikolaus Himmelmann. Contributions to iconography and hermeneutics (1989)
  • 48: H. Schulzki: The found coins of the Roman street station Flerzheim. Investigations into coin circulation in the Germania Inferior (1989)
  • 49: Harald von Petrikovits: Contributions to Roman History and Archeology (1991)
  • 50: Michael Speidel: The monuments of the Kaiserreiter (1994)
  • 51: Gerhard Bauchhenß (Ed.): International Colloquium on Problems of Provincial Roman Art 3, Bonn 1993 (1996)
  • 52: W. Faust: The grave steles of the 2nd and 3rd centuries in the Rhine area (1998)
  • 53: Gunnar Brands (Ed.): Rome and the Provinces. Festschrift H. Gabelmann (2001)
  • 54: P. Hagenweiler: Roman decor in northern Italy. Reliefs of public and decorative monuments (2003).
  • 55: M. Rathmann: Investigations on the imperial roads in the western provinces of the Roman Empire (2003).
  • 56: S. Willer: Roman grave structures of the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD in the Rhine area (2005).
  • 57: H. Kelzenberg, P. Kießling and S. Weber (eds.): Research on prehistory and Roman times in the Rhineland , dedicated to Hans-Eckart Joachim on his 70th birthday (2007).

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