Brand Hogefeld

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Seal of the Brand Hogefeld with house brand instead of coat of arms

Brand Hogefeld (* in Wismar ; † 1496 in Lübeck ) was a German merchant and councilor of the Hanseatic city of Lübeck.


Brand Hogefeld was the senior man of the mountain drivers in Lübeck. He represented the Bergenfahrer in 1478 (together with the secretary of the Hansekontor in Bergen Theodericus Brandes ) to King Christian I of Denmark in Copenhagen and in 1479 on the Wendish Cities Day in Lübeck. He was elected to the Lübeck Council in 1479. He was sent to Bryggen in Bergen by the Lübeck Council . In 1484 he negotiated again in Copenhagen because of the privileges of the Hanseatic League in Denmark and Norway . At the Hanseatic Day in Lübeck in 1487, he was commissioned to find a comparison between the delegates from the Hanseatic cities of Deventer and Kampen . He also mediated between the Bergenfahrern and the Hansekontor in Bruges . Hogefeld lived in Lübeck at Beckergrube 12.


Individual evidence

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