List of secretaries at the Hansekontor in Bergen

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The list of secretaries of the Hansekontor in Bergen is made up of the well-known secretaries of the Hansekontor in Bergen . It follows the work of Friedrich Bruns . The university attended is also given; the majority of the secretaries were graduated academics and were appointed and sworn in at the suggestion of the mountain drivers in the Hanseatic cities involved before they were sent to Norway .

Name and dates of life Education Term of office Special features and comments Illustration
Hinrich Stammel Rostock 1448 then from 1449 secretary in the Hansekontor in Bruges
Christian von Geren
(† 1486)
Rostock 1449-1459 then secretary and chronicler of the mountain drivers in Lübeck
Hinrich Sommernat
(† 1467/68)
1460-1467 Relative of the Syndicus of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck Arnold Sommernat
Johann Nigemann Rostock 1475-1476 afterwards Council Secretary in Rostock
Theodericus Brandes
(† August 16, 1500)
1478-1481 then council secretary and chronicler in Lübeck
Konrad Langestroit 1491-1510
Marcus Roterdes 1512-1514 quit to become a priest. Represented the office after leaving office; further fate unknown.
Nicolaus Repenhagen Rostock 1517-1520 Magister. 1520 in Wismar. In 1529 he received the second vicarie at the St. Olav Altar in Lübeck's Marienkirche from the Lübeck mountain drivers and worked as secretary for the Lübeck mountain drivers.
Peter Kock Rostock 1521-1526 Magister. On the way home his ship was taken by the pirate skipper Clement in 1526 , no crew member was spared.
Peter Gercken Rostock
Frankfurt (Oder)
1534/1535 Master's degree and brother of Lübeck's mayor Joachim Gercken . Describes himself in documents as a cleric of the diocese of Ratzeburg and later became canon in Lübeck.
Christian Heister
(† July 16 or 26, 1541)
1538-1541 Magister. Previously a trainee at the Lübeck Council Chancellery. 1540 Representative of the office at the Hanseatic Congress in Lübeck. Died in Bergen.
Jacob Raven Rostock 1542-1546 Magister. 1546 Council Secretary in Rostock. 1548 Secretary of the Hansekontor in Antwerp as the successor to Nicolaus Wulff, who was appointed Secretary of the Council in Lübeck .
Marcus Radeloff Rostock 1546-1551 Got the notice. Returned to the University of Rostock and earned a master's degree. Then Rostock Council Secretary.
Jacob Raven 1552-1554 Second appointment to Bergen. Raven's acceptance was followed by his refusal.
Blasius Tancke Rostock 1560-1561 Magister.
Johann Hoppenacker Rostock 1565/1566 from Wismar
Werner Starke Rostock 1568-1579 Magister, later council secretary in Lübeck
Werner Schellenberg Rostock 1579-1584
Hermann Blomenberch († June 25, 1603) Rostock
1584-1603 Buried in St. Mary's Church in Bergen.
Nikolaus Iserhard Rostock 1603-1608
Christoph Bernhard Schrader Rostock 1608-1628 1630 councilor in Rostock
Hermann Bresser Rostock 1627 Relative of the Lübeck councilor Gerhard Grentzin . Died before he left for Bergen in Lübeck and was buried in the Petrikirche .
Caspar Heigenius 1628-1634 from Quackenbrück
Friedrich Hartwich Rostock 1634-1644 Donated the sculpture of Jakobus Maior for the Marienkirche (Bergen)
Arnold Isselhorst
Rostock 1644-1650 afterwards Council Secretary in Lübeck
Johann Melchior Rötlin Rostock 1650-1656 previously from 1648–1650 vice secretary of the office, later royal Danish resident in Danzig, then chamber secretary in Copenhagen and councilor in the college of commerce.
Johann Siricius
Rostock 1656-1666 then council secretary, later councilor and mayor of Lübeck
Matthäus Stolterfoht Kiel 1667-1671 Son of the pastor at the Marienkirche in Lübeck, Jacob Stolterfoht
Johann Dietrich von Gülich († 1672) Rostock 1670-1672 Middle first name diverges Christoph / Dietrich ??? Died in Bergen in 1672 and buried in St. Mary's Church.
Bernhard Elfers Frankfurt / Oder 1672-1693 later councilor in Rostock († 1706)
Johan Brun Rostock 1693-1701 from 1702 Danish customs collector in Nyborg on Funen
Christian Wilhelm Höltich
(1671- after 1728)
Christian Wilhelm Hoeltich.jpg
Michael Christoph Siricius 1717-1723 Son of the former Lübeck Council Secretary Christoph Siricius
Tobias Anthon Maysaal 1723-1731
Johann Carbiner
Rostock 1731-1741 Later became a merchant in Bergen, buried in St. Mary's Church.
Anton Ulrich Winckelmann 1741-1753
Johann Georg Schuckmann Rostock 1753-1761

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