British National League

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The British National League was the highest professional league in British ice hockey from 1954 to 1960 . It emerged from the union of the English National League and the Scottish National League . After their dissolution, there was initially no regular league game operation in the United Kingdom. It was not until 1966 that the Northern League began operating in Scotland and Northern England. A British league did not exist again until 1982 with the British Hockey League .

In 1996 a new British National League was founded. It formed the second highest league below the Ice Hockey Superleague , or the Elite Ice Hockey League . It was above the English National Hockey League and the Scottish National League . It was dissolved after the 2004/05 season.


BNL 1996-2005


Master after the regular season

1996/97 North Fife Flyers
1996/97 South - Swindon IceLords
1997/98 Guildford Flames
1998/99 Slough Jets
1999/00 Fife Flyers
2000/01 Guildford Flames
2001/02 Dundee Stars
2002/03 Coventry Blaze
2003/04 Fife Flyers
2004/05 Bracknell Bees