Britzer connection channel

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Britzer connection channel
abbreviation BVK
length 3.39 km
Built 1900-1906
Beginning Neukölln waterway intersection
The End Spree near Baumschulenweg

The Britzer Connection Canal (BVK) is a federal waterway of waterway class  IV with restrictions in Berlin and belongs legally to the Teltow Canal . Until March 30, 1992 it was called Britzer Zweigkanal . The waterway is an abbreviation for shipping from the Teltow Canal directly to the Spree-Oder waterway (Treptower Spree) and the ports in the city ​​center . The canal is 3.39 kilometers long and was built between 1900 and 1906. The Berlin Waterways and Shipping Office is responsible for administration .

Like the Teltow Canal, there was also an electric towing railway on the Britz connecting canal until the end of the Second World War . The total water area of ​​the canal is 11.7  hectares .

On the bank of the canal, a stele commemorates Chris Gueffroy , the last refugee to be shot by East German border guards at the wall . He died on February 5, 1989, just a few months before the Berlin Wall opened, while attempting to escape from East to West Berlin on the Canal.

The Britz connection canal on a map of the waterways in the Berlin region

List of bridges over the Britzer connecting canal

The list of bridges over the Britzer connecting canal shows all existing bridges . The list summarizes the existing bridges in a table. Only the bridges documented in the sources (literature and web links) are included. The numbering (column 1) and kilometering (column 2) are from the branch from the Teltow Canal to the Spree in Berlin-Treptow. The numbering follows the information on the shipping cards, with newly added bridges being given the addition of the lowercase letter a and the first bridges being given the numbers 00 and 0 . The kilometers of the Teltow Canal are continued and the information is also provided with the addition of the lowercase letter a . The canal begins at kilometer 28.320a at the junction from the Teltow Canal and ends at the Treptower Spree (SOW-km 26.43) at kilometer 31.705a. In column 3, most of the bridges are documented in the picture. The fourth column contains the bridge names, with nameless bridges in brackets. The Berlin districts in which they are located are indicated below. The text column “Comments” gives the most important data of the bridges and, if applicable, their former names and also provides information about the naming. The sixth and last column links the coordinates of the structures.

number km photos Name of the bridge / place Remarks Coordinates
f1Georeferencing Map with all coordinates of the bridges: OSM
00 28,400a A 113 motorway bridge
Motorway bridge A 113 ,
May 2009
(Motorway bridge A 113)
The nameless arch bridge with a suspended bridge panel was built in 2001/2002 from steel (arch) and reinforced concrete (deck slab) as part of the A 113 . The arch span is 112.10 m, the bridge area 3900 m² and the superstructure width 34.74 m. The official draft was carried out by Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner (LAP), the architecture by the planning group Professor Laage and the structural engineering by Meyer + Schubart. The structure spans the Britzer connecting canal at its confluence with the Teltow Canal . Opposite is the port of Britz-Ost. The Neukölln shipping canal branches off to the north . 52 ° 27 ′ 34 "N, 13 ° 27 ′ 27" E
0 29,352a View from the Britzer-Allee bridge to the connecting canal Britzer Allee Bridge
The Britzer-Allee-Brücke leads the Chris-Gueffroy-Allee (formerly: Britzer Allee) over the Britzer connecting canal. 52 ° 27 ′ 32 "N, 13 ° 28 ′ 19" E
1 29,820a The Nursery Bridge January 1950
The Nursery Bridge
January 1950
Tree nursery bridge
The Baumschulenbrücke leads Baumschulenstrasse over the canal. The bridge was built in 1904 as a steel truss bridge in connection with the construction of the canal. 52 ° 27 '32 "N, 13 ° 28' 44" E
1a 30,300a The Südostalleebrücke
The Südostalleebrücke
July 2009
The Südostallee bridge leads the Südostallee over the Britzer connecting canal. It was built in 1999 as a steel tied arch bridge with just one overhead arch. 52 ° 27 '35 "N, 13 ° 29" 10 "E
2 30,800a The Kiefholzbrücke
The Kiefholzbrücke
July 2009
The Kiefholzbrücke leads Kiefholzstraße over the Britzer connecting canal. It was built in this form in 1972/73 as a steel girder bridge. In 1997/98 a fundamental renovation took place. 52 ° 27 ′ 45 "N, 13 ° 29 ′ 29" E
3 31,090a Railway bridge Britzer connecting canal (Berlin-Baumschulenweg 2011) 1165-1045- (120) .jpg
The new railway bridge
on June 12, 2011
(Railway bridge)
52 ° 27 '53 "N, 13 ° 29' 37" E
4th 31,310a Bundesarchiv Bild 183-D1006-0012-001, Berlin, Treptow, Margraffbrücke.jpg
The Marggraff Bridge
on January 6, 1965
Marggraff Bridge
Baumschulenweg / Niederschöneweide
The Marggraffbrücke leads the Köpenicker Landstrasse / Schnellerstrasse over the Britzer connecting canal. They belong to the B 96a . It was erected as a girder bridge in prestressed concrete between 1963 and 1965. 52 ° 27 '59 "N, 13 ° 29' 43" E

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