Bro gozh ma zadoù

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Bro gozh ma zadoù
Title in German My fathers old country
country Brittany
Usage period from 1903
text François "Taldir" Jaffrenou
melody James James
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The song Bro gozh ma zadoù (Eng. "The old country of my fathers") is the national anthem of Brittany .

The melody is the same as that of the Welsh hymn Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau and the Cornish hymn Bro Goth Agan Tasow and is said to have been composed in 1856 by the Welsh Iago ab Ieuan (English James James, 1833-1902). The Breton text comes from François "Taldir" Jaffrenou (1879–1956), who wrote it in 1898. In 1903 Bro gozh ma zadoù was proclaimed the Breton national anthem by the Union Régionaliste Bretonne . The anthem does not have an official status as such, but has been used at political events.

Since the return to Breton culture in the early 1970s by musicians such as Alan Stivell , Tri Yann and Gilles Servat , it has been widely spread across France on records , folk festivals , concerts and festivals. The number of recordings alone is in the three-digit range in the 21st century. When Stade Rennes and EA Guingamp met in the final of the French Football Cup 2009 , the two Breton clubs asked that this national anthem be played in addition to the French national anthem before the start of the game at the Stade de France , but the FFF refused to do this . When these two teams were in the final again five years later , the FFF - whose headed Noël Le Graët was now a Breton - also allowed Bro gozh ma zadoù to be played .


Original Breton text

Ni, Breizhiz a galon, karomp hon gwir Vro!
Brother eo to Arvor dre ar bed tro-do.
Dispont kreiz ar pretzel, hon tadoù ken mad,
A skuilhas eviti o gwad.

O Breizh, ma Bro, me 'gar ma Bro.
Tra ma vo mor 'vel mur' n he zro.
Ra vezo digabestr ma Bro!

Breizh, douar ar Sent kozh, douar ar Varzhed,
N'eus bro all a garan kement 'barzh ar bed,
Pep menez, pep traonienn, d'am c'halon zo kaer,
Enne kousk meur a Vreizhad taer!

Ar Vretoned 'zo tud kalet ha kreñv;
N'eus pobl ken kaloneg a zindan an neñv,
Gwerz trist, son dudius a ziwan eno,
O! pegen kaer ec'h out, ma Bro!

Mar d'eo bet trec'het Breizh er brez elioù braz,
He yezh a zo bepred ken bev ha bizkoazh,
He c'halon birvidik a lamm c'hoazh 'n he c'hreiz,
Dihunet out bremañ, ma Breizh!

German translation

We Bretons love our real country with all our hearts!
The Arvor is famous all over the world.
Undaunted, our good
fathers shed their blood for it in the midst of war .

Oh, Bretagne, my country, I love my country
As the sea surrounds it like a wall.
My country should be liberated!

Brittany, land of the old saints, land of bards,
there is no other country in the world that I love so much,
every mountain, every valley is dear to my heart,
many brave Bretons sleep in them!

The Bretons are tough and strong people;
There is no other so spirited people under heaven,
sad morities, happy songs germinate in them,
O! How beautiful you are, my country!

Even if Brittany was defeated in the great wars,
her language is still as alive as ever,
her hot heart still beats in her midst,
now you are awake, my Brittany!

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