Bruno Racine

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Bruno Racine in March 2010

Bruno Racine (born December 17, 1951 in Paris ) is a French writer and library director.


His parents are Pierre Racine and Edwina Morgulis. He attended the École La Rochefoucauld in Paris. Racine studied literature at the Lycée Louis-le-Grand and then at the École normal supérieure in Paris. From 1977 he studied public administration at the École nationale d'administration (ENA). From 1983 to 1986 he worked in the French Foreign Ministry. From 1986 to 1988 he was a member of Prime Minister Jacques Chirac's cabinet . From 1997 to 2002 he was director of the Académie de France à Rome, succeeding Pierre-Jean Rémy . From 2002 to 2007 he was director of the Center Georges Pompidou, succeeding Jean-Jacques Aillagon . From 2007 to 2016 he was President of the Bibliothèque nationale de France . Racine has been a member of the Legion of Honor since 1997 . He has been married to Béatrice de Bégon de Larouzière-Montlosier since 1981. He has four children.


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