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Coats of arms Louis le Grand on book.jpg
Coat of arms of the Collège Louis-le-Grand on a book
type of school high school
founding 1564

123 Rue St-Jacques
75005 Paris

place Paris
Department ParisTemplate: Infobox School / Maintenance / ISO 2 !
Country France
Coordinates 48 ° 50 '53 "  N , 2 ° 20' 40"  E Coordinates: 48 ° 50 '53 "  N , 2 ° 20' 40"  E
student 1700
On the right in the center the Lycée Louis-le-Grand, in front of it the Law Faculty, on the left the Sorbonne

Louis-le-Grand is the name of a renowned elite school in the Latin Quarter in Paris (123 rue Saint-Jacques , 5th arrondissement ), which includes a lycée and preparatory classes for the entrance exams of the Grandes Écoles .

The traditional school emerged from the Collège de Clermont , which was founded by the Jesuits as a scholarship home in 1564 and was formerly known as the Jesuit College of Paris. It was temporarily closed from 1595 to 1618 and in 1762 and has been renamed several times.


Lycée Louis-le-Grand, view from the rue St Jacques

The original Collège derived its name Collège de Clermont from Guillaume Duprat († 23 October 1560), Bishop of Clermont , whose foundations enabled the Jesuits to establish this institution, which was later named as follows:

The school has had its current name since 1849.


A well-known pupil of the Collège de Clermont : Francis de Sales at the age of 12 in Paris

The Jesuits had founded a college as early as 1540, but had their pupils - in the absence of a house of their own - accommodated at the Collège du Trésorier , or from 1542 at the Collège des Lombard , until Guillaume Duprat gave them a house ( rue de la Harpe ) in 1550 In 1560 they sent a sum in a will that allowed them to purchase the spacious former residence of the bishops of Langres in rue Saint-Jacques in 1562 . There they opened the actual Collège de Clermont in 1564 , to whose chapel the King Henry III in 1582 . laid the foundation stone.

The assassination attempt by the former student Jean Châtel (1575–1594) on December 27, 1594 on King Henry IV , gave rise to the temporary expulsion of the Jesuits from France and the closure of the Collège de Clermont from 1595 to 1618. In this Year the friars returned, resumed teaching and in 1628 commissioned the construction of their school, into which they later integrated the neighboring buildings of the Collège de Marmoutiers (1641) and the Collège du Mans (1682).

After the Jesuits were expelled again in 1762, the school, which in 1763 was placed under a board of directors chaired by the Archbishop of Reims , took over all the scholarship holders of the 26 so-called petits collèges in the last year mentioned .

The school complex, which was renovated from 1820 to 1822, was annexed in 1822 to the previous buildings of the Collège des Cholets . A part of the old walls was replaced by a new building between 1885 and 1893 by the architect Charles Lecoeur . The facade on the courtyard side is a listed building.

The lycée today

The Secondaire des Lycée, corresponding to the German grammar school classes 10 to 12, currently (2007) attend around 850 pupils, the Classes préparatoires , who prepare for admission to the Grandes Écoles, around 950, of which 15% in the economic sector, 60% in the scientific sector and 25% in the literary branch. The Lycée is known for its high success rate at the Grandes Écoles . Around a tenth of the students are foreigners from around 40 countries (especially in the Secondaire Européenne area ). The school is open to everyone and is free of charge. But there is a strict selection process. The school also has a boarding school with 339 places (boys and girls) for students who are in the Classes Préparatoires. The students are referred to as magnoludoviciens . Extensive renovation work has been going on since 1995.

It is currently (2016) directed by Jean Bastianelli, the former head of the French school ( Lycée français de Vienne ) in Vienna and the Lycée Pierre-de-Fermat in Toulouse .

List of known students and teachers

Well-known students are:

Writers and philosophers

Painter and sculptor






Teachers at the LLG were a .:


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