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Jules Augustin Girard (born February 24, 1825 in Paris , † March 30, 1902 in Cannes ) was a French classical philologist and professor of Greek poetry at the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Paris.

Live and act

Girard was a student at the Collège Louis le Grand and from 1844 trained at the École normal supérieure in Paris. He received like Émile Beaussire, Eugène Gandar and Frédéric Morin as one of 18 students a promotion and received in 1845, while still training, his "Licencié ès-lettres" and graduated there in 1857 with the "agrégation des lettres", so that in the same year he got a job as professor of rhetoric in Vendôme . From 1849 to 1851 he was a student at the École française d'Athènes . He was a member of the third grade of the French School of Archeology in Athens. During this time he visited the island of Evia at least three times to compare the local inscriptions from different epochs. He then wrote the font Mémoire sur l'Ile d'Eubée . Further stations were in 1851/52 a professorship in rhetoric in Lille , 1853/54 in Montpellier and then in 1854 a professorship in Greek literature at the École normal supérieure.

In 1873 he became a member of the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres and in 1874 received the newly created chair of Greek poetry at the Sorbonne . Girard was also a co-founder of the “ Société pour l'encouragement des études grecques ” and since 1882 president of the “Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres”. From 1896 until his death in 1902 he was also director of the Thiers Foundation.


Girard has received several awards from the Académie française

  • 1860: For his Essai sur Thucydide ( Essay on Thucydides ).
  • 1861: For Hypéride, sa vie et son éloquence.
  • 1862: For Le sentiment religieux en Grèce d'Homère a Eschyle, étudié dans son développement moral et dans son caractère dramatique.

Works (selection)

He wrote, among other things, writings on Lysias , Hypereides , Demosthenes , Homer and Aeschylus or Pindar and Theokritos .

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  • The caratères de l'atticisme dans l'éloquence de Lysias. Paris 1854 ( archive.org ).
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  • Hypéride, sa vie et son éloquence . In: Revue Nationale . P.-A. Bourdier, Paris 1861, OCLC 457895910 .
  • Un procès de corruption chez les Athéniens. Démosthènes dans l'affaire d'Harpale . In: Revue Nationale . P.-A. Bourdier, Paris 1862, OCLC 457896032 .
  • Études sur la poésie grecque . In: Revue des deux mondes . No. 3 . Baillière, Tindal & Cox, Paris 1880, OCLC 645715982 ( archive.org - 1884 edition).
  1. Un poète comique philosophe. 1880.
  2. Pindare. 1881.
  3. L'hégélianisme dans la critique savante en Allemagne. 1822.
  4. “La pastorale” in Théocrite. Part 1. 1822.
  5. “La pastorale” in Théocrite. Part 2. 1822.
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