Bouquet grape

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Bouquet grape
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Art Grape vine ( Vitis vinifera subsp. Vinifera )
Berry color green
origin Germany
breeder Sebastian Englerth in Randersacker
Breeding year 19th century
VIVC no. 1611

Cross between
Silvaner × Trollinger

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Bukettraube (also: Bouquet Blanc, Bouquet Grape, Sylvaner Musqué, Bukettrebe) is a white wine . It was bred by Sebastian Englerth in Randersacker in the 19th century . It is a cross between the Silvaner and Trollinger varieties . The information has since been confirmed by DNA analysis. Today you can still find small plantings in Alsace (under the name Bouquet grape) and in South Africa . In Randersacker, the home town of Englerth, the bouquet grape can be found in the Altfränkischer Wengert museum vineyard.

The high-yielding variety produces light white wines with strong acidity and a slightly aromatic character. As a rule, the wines have a simple structure. Sometimes the term bouquet grape is simply assigned to a grape variety with a distinctive bouquet, such as a yellow muscatel .

According to new findings, it is a parent of the Scheurebe through crossing with Riesling.
The breeder Georg Scheu mistakenly assumed that he had crossed Riesling and Silvaner. The relation of the Scheurebe to the bouquet grape could be proven by DNA analysis.

The bouquet grape is a variety of the noble grapevine ( Vitis vinifera ).


Synonyms 11: Bocksbeutel, Bouquet Blanc, Bouquet Grape, Bouquet Grape, Boxer, Bouquet, Bouquet Grape, Bouquet Riesling, Bouquet Grape, Sylvaner Musque, Wuerzburger.

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