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The Bund ob dem See was a military connection in the Lake Constance area during the Appenzell Wars from 1405 to 1408 .


On January 17, 1401, the municipalities of the states of Appenzell, Hundwil, Urnäsch, Trogen, Teufen, Speicher and Gais signed an alliance with the city of St. Gallen to mutually protect their "old" rights

  1. of free move
  2. of free marriage as well
  3. regarding the inheritance and sale of the fiefdoms.

Founded in 1405

Under the leadership of St. Gallen and Appenzell , the “Bund ob dem See” was founded on September 15, 1405 during the Appenzell Wars (1401–1429) - it opposed the “prince's violence” and pushed its way into the neighboring regions with raids.

The town of Altstätten and other communities were accepted into the league, which they gladly accepted in order to be safe from the hostility of the increasingly feared mountain farmers. The farmers in Walgau and Montafon followed , the people from Bludenz , Rankweil , Lustenau and many others.

Feldkirch joined the Bund on September 15, 1405 and was supposed to be in command east of the Rhine . Sargans that resisted was destroyed. The March was also conquered by the Appenzell people and given to the Schwyzers. The Thurgau was also devastated and the property of the nobility plundered. 64 castles fell into the hands of the Appenzeller - 30 of them were destroyed.

A crowd of Appenzellers even moved over the Arlberg , followed by the siege and capture of Wil , during which the abbot Kuno von Stoffeln was taken prisoner. He was brought back to his monastery under much abuse. He then renounced all rights to the Appenzell people and promised to obey their local community . The conquest of Bischofszell followed , as well as a failed attempt at conquering Frauenfeld . In the two years after the battle, the covenant was expanded more and more.

They regained control of Count Rudolf von Werdenberg , their ally, but Werdenberg Castle itself remained in Habsburg hands, and Count Rudolf, who was involved in the Stoss victory, ultimately only had Zwingenstein Castle. Out of anger about it, he finally fell out with the Appenzell people in 1407 and even sent them a feud letter.

In July 1407, the castles of the Knights of Ems surrendered after eight weeks of siege. Only the city of Bregenz, besieged by the Appenzellers, offered resistance .

Resolution 1408

On January 13, 1408, the Confederation was finally defeated in the Battle of Bregenz against the relief army of the Knight Society of Sankt Jörgenschild under Duke Ulrich von Teck.

This led to the dissolution of the covenant through the mediation of King Ruprecht on April 4, 1408 when the peace was concluded in Constance .

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