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Guard and entrance gate to the P-Zone

The Harnekop bunker is a bunker facility near Harnekop in the municipality of Prötzel in Brandenburg . The bunker - also known as SBW 16/102 (SBW: Schutzbauwerk) and in the NVA's message system for camouflage reasons as HNZ-8 (Auxiliary Message Center 8) - was built in the 1970s as the main command post of the Ministry of National Defense (MfNV) of the GDR . The entire area of ​​the site was divided into zones, the P-Zone corresponded to the bunker area.


It is a three-storey protective structure of protection class  A of approx. 63 × 40 m. With over 7500 m², it is one of the largest bunkers in the former GDR. Protective structures of this type were constructed in such a way that even with the use of nuclear and chemical weapons, several hundred people could have found protection in them for about three to four weeks. The technical equipment for this included an energy supply system that guaranteed the power supply with the help of four marine diesel units (each approx. 570 hp) in the event of a failure of the national network, special ventilation and filter systems for fresh air supply (even with contaminated outside air) including a large air conditioning system, a lock system for intake, Detoxification and deactivation of contaminated persons and objects, an internal water supply and disposal system with deep well , food storage , kitchen, sanitary and sleeping rooms as well as medical care facilities.

Use at that time

Integration of the HNZ 8 into the guidance system

The underground command post in Harnekop was the main command post of the Ministry for National Defense of the GDR, prepared for a possible war. It was kept in constant readiness for occupancy by a maintenance unit. Until the readiness for work is established in the event that a higher level of combat readiness is triggered , e.g. B. “Full danger of war”, the transfer of the NVA and the country to a state of war was ensured by the operational command center of the Ministry of National Defense in Strausberg . Intelligence personnel were transferred to the maintenance unit from the main intelligence center of the Ministry of National Defense until the maintenance unit was fully replenished .

The tropospheric radio station 301 in Wollenberg , set up in the strategic tropospheric radio system BARS of the Warsaw Pact states, only a few kilometers from the main command post at Harnekop, served as a support information center. Harnekop was also connected to the other tropospheric radio stations 302 in the municipality of Lindholz and 303 near Königsbrück via them. The radio connections from the main control center Harnekop were ensured via the remote radio transmission center Kunersdorf . This in turn worked closely with the radio transmission center of the main communication center in the Kagel bunker . All foreign connections operated by the main communications center of the Ministry of National Defense to the general staffs of the other Warsaw contracting states were switched via the main control center Harnekop. If they were occupied, these connections could be used in the main control point. In addition to the wired telecommunication lines, the establishment of connections in the narrowband radio relay network and the mobile radio relay system of the NVA, as well as satellite connections was prepared.

Todays use

The bunker is protected as a military historical monument and can be visited.


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